I just reported that hundreds of people attended the church service that the confirmed patient of Omicron went to, but there were many foreigners from Central Asia among the attendees. Testing has also started in the villages where these foreigners live, and it is known that there are not many foreigners who have not received the vaccine.

Correspondent Kim Ki-tae covered the site.

<Reporter> A

new screening clinic has been established in this village where Russian-language information is posted everywhere.

This is because most of the villagers attended the church service that the Omicron mutation confirmed patient went to.

Since it is a village where foreigners live, quarantine authorities mobilize interpreters to guide precautions.

As soon as the clinic door opened, people flocked to the village, complaining of anxiety that the number of suspected Omicron confirmed cases continues to increase.

In particular, 7 out of 9 confirmed cases of Omicron were not vaccinated, and it is known that many foreigners who attended the worship service at the time were also unvaccinated, raising concerns about group infection.

[Kim Sang-sun / Incheon Yeonsu-gu: I'm anxious. I came out because I was anxious. Actually, I had two PCR tests, but because I live in this area because of the Omicron incident, I want to be relieved... .] The

church that the Omicron confirmed patient went to was closed.

It is a large church in the area so that members from all over Incheon gather on weekends, but the facility was closed until the 12th.

It is in front of a church in Incheon where Omicron confirmed.

Even though it is daytime on the weekend, the street is so quiet that it is hard to find people walking by.

[Choi Young-ho / Incheon Michuhol-gu: No one visits right now.

Since then, no one has been there at all.

Nearby restaurants are being hit hard.

It's a big deal.] So

far, about 700 people who have come into contact with a suspected Omicron infection, and those who attended church services and are classified as preemptive tests, it is expected that there will be more than 1,000.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee So-young)