A single individual investor’s purchase limit is limited to 3 million yuan during the 5-year closed period

Purchase the first batch of pension wealth management products starting at 1 yuan to go on sale next Monday

  Next Monday, eligible investors in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu and Qingdao can try the first batch of pension financial products.

Yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that China Wealth Management has been able to inquire about the pre-sale information of the first four wealth management products of ICBC Wealth Management, CCB Wealth Management, CMB Wealth Management and Everbright Wealth Management.

The start date of the four products is December 6, and they are all closed-end net-worth products. The risk level is level two or level three, and the duration is 5 years. The performance comparison benchmark is at least 5.0% and the highest is 8%.

Currently, pension financial products are sold to qualified individual investors holding local ID cards in the pilot area, with the minimum purchase amount as low as 1 yuan, and the total amount of all pension financial products purchased by a single individual investor does not exceed 3 million yuan.

Who can buy it?

Investors need to hold an ID card in the pilot area

  At present, the sales targets of pension financial products are qualified individual investors holding local ID cards in the pilot areas, and the total amount of all pension financial products purchased by a single individual investor does not exceed RMB 3 million.

  On the whole, the first batch of pension financial products have the characteristics of robustness, long-term, and inclusiveness.

In terms of robustness, the design of pension wealth management products focuses on security strategies, and the products are mainly invested in fixed-income assets, and methods such as target date strategies, smoothing funds, risk reserves, and impairment reserves have been introduced to further enhance product risk resistance.

At the same time, pension wealth management products adopt non-parent third-party independent custody, net worth of regular information disclosure, and unified information registration in the national banking wealth management information registration system to better play the supervision function of multi-party institutions and fully and transparently disclose product risks and benefits. Circumstances, to provide investors with relatively stable investment options.

  In the long-term, pension financial products aim to guide investors to rationally plan pension financial investment and establish an investment philosophy of long-term investment and reasonable return.

The first batch of pension wealth management products have a relatively long term, with a closed product term of 5 years.

  In terms of inclusiveness, the initial purchase amount of the first batch of pension financial products is as low as 1 yuan, and the total fee rate charged is much lower than other financial products.

How to sell?

"Online + Offline" multi-channel sales

  “The first batch of pension wealth management products are all with a maturity of more than 5 years, which is conducive to exploring cross-cycle investment models. The funds are conducive to supporting the high-quality development of my country’s economy and enabling the people to obtain relatively stable investment returns. In terms of risk management, the introduction of smoothing funds Mechanism to ensure the stable operation of products; product design pays more attention to pension attributes, investment strategies and concepts are more stable, investment targets are selected more cautiously, and more in line with the characteristics of the investor’s life cycle; product rates are more favorable than other wealth management products." Express.

  It is understood that the four pilot financial management institutions for the elderly adopt "online + offline" multi-channel sales. Eligible investors in the four pilot regions can go to the sales outlets of the corresponding institutions with their local personal ID cards, or through online banking or mobile phones. Banks and other channels purchase pension financial products.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily checked the pre-sale information and found that the first batch of four pension wealth management products were all closed-end net-worth products, except for Everbright Wealth Management's product investment nature which is "mixed type", and the other three investment types are "fixed income type". .

  The performance comparison benchmark intervals of the four products are slightly different.

The upper and lower limits of Everbright Wealth Management products are both 5.8%; the range of ICBC Wealth Management products is 5%-7%; both CMB Wealth Management and CCB Wealth Management are 5.8%-8%.

  The sales areas of the four products are also different. The products of Everbright Wealth Management are oriented to Qingdao; ICBC Wealth Management is sold in Wuhan and Chengdu; both CMB Wealth Management and CCB Wealth Management are only oriented to Shenzhen.

How to check?

The product detail page has a "aged care" label

  It is understood that this pilot product is issued by a designated pilot institution in a specific area. Only products that meet the relevant conditions can be named "Elderly Financial Products", and other institutions and products are not allowed to use this name.

Significant differences in names help customers quickly distinguish pension wealth management products from general wealth management products.

  In accordance with the requirements of the pilot work, with the strong support of China Central Clearing Corporation, the wealth management registration center renovated and upgraded related systems.

Investors can quickly inquire about the pension financial products issued by the pilot institutions through the China Wealth Management website with the word "aged care", and the product registration code and product detail pages of such products will have the "aged care" label.


"Four places and four institutions" participate in the pilot

  On September 10 this year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice on Launching the Pilot Program of Pension Financial Products", which combined with the pilot areas for reforms in the national pension financial sector to carry out pilot projects of pension financial products.

On the basis of comprehensive consideration of factors such as city scale, economic and social development level, and residents' needs for elderly care, and taking into account the needs of the eastern, central and western regions, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Qingdao were selected as pilot cities for elderly financial management; At the same time, four wealth management companies including ICBC Wealth Management and CCB Wealth Management, two large state-owned banks, and two joint-stock banks, China Merchants Bank Wealth Management and China Everbright Wealth Management, participated in this pilot project of pension wealth management products.

  According to the document, starting from September 15, 2021, ICBC Wealth Management will be in Wuhan and Chengdu, CCB Wealth Management and China Merchants Bank Wealth Management will be in Shenzhen, and Everbright Wealth Management will carry out pilot projects for pension wealth management products in Qingdao.

During the pilot phase, the total size of funds raised by a single pilot institution's pension financial products is limited to less than 10 billion yuan.

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