The airline Volotea follows in the footsteps of Plus Ultra and Air Europa and has also requested a rescue from the fund managed by the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (Sepi).

Specifically, it has requested

the granting of a participatory loan

up to a maximum of 185 million euros, "which it does not plan to exhaust", to weather the impact of the Covid crisis on its accounts.

The objective of this loan "is to guarantee the rebalancing of the company's assets after the losses in the 2020 financial year" derived from the pandemic and the drop in consumption and

"to strengthen its position in the face of the Iberia-Air Europa merger



the company points out.

The request for this loan is part of "Volotea's status as a strategic company", both due to the number of direct and indirect jobs it generates in Spain, as well as the sector in which it operates.

The airline also claims that "it represents a connectivity alternative for millions of European passengers every year", especially island passengers, which generate 65% of the company between March and October.

Volotea has

more than 1,350 employees throughout Europe

and has 40 aircraft.

It was created in 2011 by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros, founders of Vueling, and since then it has transported more than 35 million passengers throughout Europe.

"After a long history marked by increased activity, the airline faces a situation that is not alien to the context of the sector. For this reason, this participatory loan would allow to rebalance the equity and

prepare the company for its



in the long term , as well as being in a better disposition to face the opportunities that are presented to us as a result of the Iberia-Air Europa merger, "commented Carlos Muñoz, founder and CEO.

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