Sino-Singapore Jingwei, December 2nd. On Thursday, the three major A-share stock indexes opened lower and oscillated in a narrow range around the flat line, and collectively fell in late trading.

The turnover of the two cities exceeded RMB 1 trillion for the 30th consecutive trading day.

  As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.09% to 3,573.84 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.19% to 14,765.56 points; the ChiNext Index fell 0.19% to 3,466.91 points.

  On the disk, industry sectors generally fell, with winemaking, securities, construction machinery, papermaking, and building materials sectors rising at the top; software services, telecommunications operations, general machinery, electrical meters, mineral products, aviation, electrical equipment, and the Internet were the top decliners .

  As of the close, the ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks was 1125:3400, with 77 daily limit and 7 daily limit.

  In terms of northbound funds, the net inflow of northbound funds exceeded 6.8 billion yuan throughout the day, of which the inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect exceeded 5.5 billion, and the inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect exceeded 1.2 billion.

  In terms of individual stocks, today's daily limit shares are as follows: Minmetals Rare Earth (10.00%), Shaanxi Gold Leaf (9.93%), Lingyizhi Manufacturing (10.05%), Xilong Science (10.04%), China Railway Specialty Products (9.94%).

  The lower limit shares are as follows: Jiangshan Co., Ltd. (-10.00%), Jinbei Automobile (-10.00%), Fujia Co., Ltd. (-9.98%), Industrial Co., Ltd. (-9.99%), Shanghai Hugong (-10.00%).

  The top five stocks with turnover rate are: Joy Zhixing, Zhiyuan New Energy, Guanzhong Ecological, Tianrui Instruments, and Ningbo Founder, which are 71.075%, 67.003%, 53.271%, 52.642%, and 50.340%, respectively.

  Looking ahead, Soochow Securities believes that the index continues the pattern of high shocks. The trend of the Shenzhen Component Index and the ChiNext Index has not changed for the time being. The Shanghai Composite Index is facing pressure near 3580 points. It is important to pay attention to whether this position can effectively break through.

In the short term, the market will continue to fluctuate at a high level. As long as there is no significant change in the external epidemic, it is more likely that A-shares will move out of the independent market. Structure is still the main tone of the market. You can pay more attention to the opportunity to supplement the increase in the fluctuations. .

  Aijian Securities pointed out that due to the recent lack of obvious continuous mainstream hotspots in the market, the switching speed of hotspots in the sector has accelerated, and the overall profitability of the market is still relatively weak.

The stock index oscillates around the short-term and medium-term moving averages, and the long and short sides are still stalemate. The stock index is still subject to the suppression of the 60-day moving average. It is expected that the short-term will still fluctuate around the short and medium-term moving average. Select individual stock operations.

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(The opinions in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.)