It would have been too nice too.

If the Dax had opened a plus door on the calendar every day after a minus of 7 percent in the second half of November in December.

But after a plus of 2.5 percent the day before, the world is looking gloomier again on Thursday.

Martin Hock

Editor in business.

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Apparently the Americans had once more thought that everything was different for their continent.

Not only did the recovery originally come from Wall Street, but also the turnaround: The first case of an omicron infection in the USA ended the recovery attempt and the SA&P 500 index finally closed on Wednesday with a minus of 1 percent.

The Asian stock exchanges continued the trend.

But what also plays a role that should not be underestimated is the fact that the US Federal Reserve now wants to tighten its monetary policy faster than expected.

Because this means that the “buy on bad news”, because the central bank has already directed it, has lost its persuasiveness.

In any case, the Japanese Nikkei index lost 0.7 percent to 27,753 points.

The Chinese stock exchanges recorded premiums, but in Xi's politicized China, which is now trying out the big leap forward in distribution, the stock market should be viewed less as an indicator of market sentiment than as an indicator of political goals.

The European stock exchanges were hit harder at the opening.

The market-wide FAZ index initially fell by 1.4 percent, but was then able to contain its minus quickly, so that the minus was at around 0.7 percent in the end.

The same applies to the standard value index Dax.

And why is that? Once again on Wall Street, of course, what wonder. Futures trading currently shows an increase of 0.6 percent for the S&P 500. If you take into account that the difference between the S&P 500 and the FAZ index was around 3 percentage points on Thursday, there is still a small minus left for the German market. Although investors are not calculating so precisely - Wall Street is fine, all is well.

Because you have to hold on to something when the current Omikron headlines chase each other and seem to contradict each other.

The best thing to do is do what everyone does, and that is what Wall Street does.

Ultimately, however, that means that it is not easy to make a decision at the moment, especially because the stronghold of the central banks has opened the gates - or they are starting to close, if one wants to talk about sluice gates for printing money.

All in all, today it is important not to be confused.

There seem to be better times for massive repositioning, and for panic retreats too.