These days, when I go shopping, there are many people who are surprised to see the prices change day by day.

Seoul is the 12th most expensive city to live in the world.

On the 30th of last month, an economic analysis agency in the UK analyzed the price index based on the prices of more than 200 products and services in 173 major cities around the world.

As a result, Tel Aviv, Israel, is the most expensive city in the world.

Paris, France, came in second, followed by Singapore, Zurich, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Seoul came in 12th.

It ranks one step higher than Tokyo, Japan, which is famous for being expensive.

In this survey, the price of major cities increased by 3.5% this year, which is much higher than last year's 1.9% and surpassing the 2.8% increase in 2019, before the corona virus.

Analysts say that the supply of goods was delayed and prices rose due to the shortage of labor due to COVID-19.

Inflation is likely to rise further next year, as many companies have raised wages to overcome the labor shortage.