China News Service, Taiyuan, December 1st (Gao Yuqing and Hu Jian) ​​On the evening of the 30th, the friendly exchange meeting between Luliang City, Shanxi Province and Cuneo Province, Piedmont Region, Italy was held online. The event aimed to promote the skills of both parties Cooperation in training, cultural tourism, etc.

  “Lvliang City has a long history, beautiful scenery, rich products, and strong development. It is one of the areas where Shanxi’s comprehensive strength has increased the most." The Emont Region is connected in terms of resource advantages, consistent in development direction, and complementary in the industrial chain. It is recommended that the two parties, on the basis of signing a cooperation framework agreement, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in terms of mutual transfer of skilled talents, development of industrial cooperation, and encouragement of two-way tourism.

  Luigi Icardi, Director of the Health Department of Piedmont Region, Bornán Federico, Chairman of Cuneo Province and Mayor of Cuneo City, respectively introduced relevant situations in Piedmont and Cuneo Province .

They all stated that 2022 is the year of Italian-Chinese cultural tourism, and they hope to take this exchange meeting as an opportunity to develop extensive cooperation with Luliang in cultural tourism, medical and health, industrial economy and other fields.

Photo courtesy of Shanxi Foreign Affairs Office at the exchange meeting

  At the exchange meeting, Ren Zhong, on behalf of the Luliang Municipal Government, signed a cooperation framework agreement with Luigi Icardi, Director of the Health Department of Piedmont, and Bornian Fedri, Chairman of Cuneo Province and Mayor of Cuneo City Croatia signed a memorandum of friendship for the development of friendly relations; Lvliang Foreign Affairs Office and the Italian Sino-Italian Youth Association signed an agreement to contact the unit in Italy.

  Up to now, Lüliang City has cooperated with Kapchage City in Kazakhstan, Heredia City in Costa Rica, Tissafred City in Szolnok Region, Hungary, Dabas City in Pest State, Inarci City, Italy Established sister city relations in Goito, Tuva Province.

  "This year marks the 51st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy. We are willing to take this online exchange as an opportunity to sign a memorandum of friendly relations to further deepen friendship-city exchanges, promote pragmatic cooperation, promote people-to-people bonds, and better benefit the people of both places in the development of mutual benefit and win-win results. ." Ren Zhong said.