China News Service, December 1st (Reporter Yin Liqin) On November 30, the "Shanghai-Chongqing·Taxport Link" was fully launched, and Shanghai Port took the lead in launching digital export tax rebate (exemption) business products in the country to provide export tax rebates for enterprises Speed ​​up.

  According to reports, the "Tax Port Connect" export tax refund (exempt) business product was launched by SIPG in cooperation with Chongqing Taxation Bureau and Chongqing Port. It opened up the "big data" channel between Shanghai Port and the taxation department, and enabled the port of departure tax refund through digitalization. The model provides exporting foreign trade companies with logistics information such as their departure on the international trunk line of Shanghai Port, replacing the original logistics paper documents for filing, and improving the convenience of customers in the hinterland of the Yangtze River valley in handling export tax rebates.

  According to SIPG, the launch of the "Tax Port Connect" will enhance the business competitiveness of port services and the attractiveness of sources of goods, help improve the service efficiency of the Yangtze River water transport channel, help optimize the business environment, and realize the realization of foreign trade companies, ports, and tax authorities. A win-win situation for all three parties.

At the same time, this is also one of SIPG's measures to build and improve the port's intelligent operation and management service system using technologies such as "Internet +", big data, cloud computing, and blockchain.

  People in the shipping industry said that the in-depth cooperation between the port group and the taxation department is expected to break information barriers and solve the problem of shipping companies' credit investigation.

  It is reported that the product has been put into trial operation before.

In the meantime, the "Tax Port Connect" export tax rebate service has completed export tax rebates for dozens of enterprises in Chongqing, reducing 21 paper document filings in total and taking the first step in the digitization of filing documents.

  In the future, SIPG will work with the Chongqing Taxation Bureau to strengthen the promotion, promotion and application of the business products and services, and at the same time, it will summarize the experience that can be replicated and promoted, and promote the "Tax-Hong Kong Express" export tax refund (exempt) business products to Other ports along the Yangtze River and along the coast have helped the country’s “port of departure tax rebate” policy to benefit export traders more widely.