While various efforts are being made in various places toward the practical application of drone delivery, major convenience stores and others are conducting demonstration experiments in depopulated areas.

Seven-Eleven Japan has been conducting a demonstration experiment of drone delivery in Hinode-cho, Tokyo since the end of last month in collaboration with major aviation companies such as ANA Holdings, and the state of the experiment was released to the press on the 2nd.

The drone has a total length of about 2 meters, can load luggage up to 5 kg, and can automatically fly from the parking lot of the convenience store to the designated place out of 4 places such as hospitals and parks in the town. increase.

On the 2nd, after the clerk loaded the tea and rice balls ordered online, the drone flew to the park about 2 km away and was picked up by the waiting user.

The company plans to develop a service that delivers products in as little as 30 minutes nationwide by 2025, and wants to put drone delivery into practical use in depopulated areas.

Yoshinori Arai, General Manager of Seven-Eleven Japan, said, "I feel that drones have tremendous potential. In the future, I would like to proceed with demonstration experiments on remote islands."