China News Agency, Beijing, December 2 (Reporter Wang Jiexian) Many private enterprise personalities stated on the 2nd that strengthening the construction of a corporate credit system is related to the high-quality development of the private economy and is the key to dealing with severe challenges. Steady and far-reaching.

  The National Federation of Industry and Commerce Private Enterprise Credit System Construction Work Conference was held in Beijing on the 2nd. Several representatives of private enterprises, chambers of commerce and provincial-level Federation of Industry and Commerce spoke on-site or through remote video exchanges in Beijing.

  Gao Jifan, chairman of Jiangsu Trina Solar Co., Ltd., said that over the years, the state has introduced a number of policies and measures to make credit the "foundation pile" of the socialist market economy.

Looking back on the company's more than 20 years of development experience, the company has achieved results with a good credit management mechanism. He analyzed that the establishment of a corporate credit system is conducive to further consolidating the foundation of corporate development, and building a culture of integrity and compliance is the "ballast stone" for the steady development of the company.

  "Modern society is a trustworthy society, and the market economy is a credit economy." Wang Yanshan, President of the Inner Mongolia Pharmaceutical Chamber of Commerce, introduced in his speech the "Reliable Consumption Demonstration Unit" work carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and the local consumer association. There is a “consumer-assured” enterprise in the district, which has played a demonstrative and leading effect in the industry; in this activity, a consumer complaint station was set up to accept and coordinate consumer complaints in the medical, pharmaceutical, sanitation, and health industries, and reflect various pharmacies and clinics through big data Satisfaction of the masses.

  Yan Limiao, chairman of the Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, said that in the complex and changeable external environment of China's hardware and electrical industry, some new situations and new problems have emerged, but the entire industry has experienced severe tests when looking for opportunities in crises, and they feel that the industry’s credit system has been strengthened. Construction is the "key trick."

The Chamber of Commerce has recently established internal credit information collection channels in the industry, established and improved the credit files of member companies, and established a database of credit information for member companies’ trading partners to help companies reduce production and operating risks.

  "Honesty and trustworthiness are always the lifeblood of enterprise development." Zhou Suqin, chairman of Shaanxi Zhuyuan Village Catering Company, sighed in his speech. The glory of the company and all employees.