On the afternoon of November 27th, Chen Yingming, deputy magistrate of Laifeng County, Enshi Prefecture, Zhu Tinghui, deputy mayor of Lichuan City, and Zhao Yingnian, deputy director of Enshi Agriculture and Rural Bureau, visited the live broadcast room of Pinduoduo's "Hometown Goods" at Hubei Agricultural Expo. Endorsement of Enshi Agricultural Products.

  This live broadcast event is located in the live e-commerce live broadcast area of ​​the first Hubei Agricultural Expo and is hosted by Hubei Agricultural and Rural Bureau and Enshi Agricultural and Rural Bureau jointly with Pinduoduo.

In the afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Pinduoduo netizens watched it.

  In May of this year, Pinduoduo launched the "Hometown Goods Live Broadcast" rural industry revitalization plan. Through the grounded "Good Goods Recommendation Officer" live broadcast promotion, new e-commerce talent training, and promotion of the development of agricultural product classification standards, etc., various measures have been taken to help local stakeholders. The agro-industrial belt has been upgraded and developed.

  The young man born in the 90s inherits his father's business and sells rattan tea

Chen Yingming (right) and Xiang Junyi (left), deputy magistrate of Laifeng County, Enshi Prefecture, in the live broadcast of Pinduoduo.

  Relying on the rapid development of agricultural product e-commerce, many counties and districts across the country, including Laifeng County, have turned specialty agricultural products into a "big industry" to help stallholders get rid of poverty.

  In the live broadcast of the day, the local Laifeng Teng Tea was the most popular.

Xiang Junyi, a young man born in the 1990s, is a native of Laifeng. His father started research and development and sales of rattan tea products when he was young, and he has been using offline dealer channels.

In 2018, Xiang Junyi inherited his father's business and operated the rattan tea business.

In the second year, he started to open a flagship store online. In just six months, online sales accounted for more than 30%.

Among them, Pinduoduo's stores increased the fastest, with an average monthly rate of over 20%, giving him full confidence in e-commerce operations.

  Laifeng Teng Tea, also known as "Tujia God Tea", this traditional wild vine in Wuling Mountain has a flavonoid content of 45%, which has a significant effect on lowering blood pressure.

“Online bagged rattan tea is the most popular, and it’s 35 yuan for half a catty.” Xiang Junyi said, affected by the flood last year, the purchase price of fresh tea such as Longxu increased by nearly 20%, but because of the stable sales channels of e-commerce , The terminal price is relatively stable.

Beginning last year, Xiang Junyi started live streaming to sell rattan tea on Pinduoduo, and he plans to launch a special e-commerce fund in the near future.

  With the expansion of e-commerce channels, Xiang Junyi has built his own base of more than 1,100 acres with an annual output value of 80 tons. In 2019, he introduced a fully automatic production line to solve the employment problem of 41 local poor households.

  Deputy county magistrate endorses Enshi agricultural products

Zhu Tinghui (right), deputy mayor of Lichuan City, Enshi Prefecture, introduced Lichuan to netizens.

  Laifeng County is speeding up the transformation of agricultural development mode, and will build the first county of rattan tea in the country as the industrial cornerstone to consolidate and improve the results of poverty alleviation.

Chen Yingming, deputy magistrate of Laifeng County, introduced in the live broadcast room that Laifeng County is the junction of Hubei, Hunan and Chongqing, and the west gate of Hubei Province.

More than 10,000 farmers in the county grow rattan tea with a total area of ​​more than 80,000 mu. In 2019, the output of rattan tea reached 3798 tons, with an output value of 560 million yuan.

Relying on "company + cooperative + farmer", the whole industry chain production of flavonoid extract, rattan tea beverage, rattan tea toothpaste, tea cakes, etc. is realized. A wild rattan has become a "golden leaf" for poverty-stricken households to get rid of poverty and become rich.

  "Lichuan is the cool city of China, welcome everyone to come to Lichuan to escape the summer heat." Zhu Tinghui, the deputy mayor of Lichuan City, ceremoniously introduced Lichuan, the hometown of the world's outstanding folk song dragon boat tune, Lichuan black tea, Lichuan chili sauce and other local specialties. Place more orders.

  Zhao Yingnian, deputy director of the Enshi Agriculture and Rural Bureau, introduced Enshi agricultural products in the live broadcast room, such as konjac, potatoes, kiwi fruit, tea lipstick, cold brew tea, selenium flakes, and ginger. Hundreds of thousands of netizens flocked to the live broadcast room to watch.

  Pinduoduo will help 100 characteristic industrial belts

  Pinduoduo's "Farmland Cloud Patching" model will disperse and temporary demand on the consumer side, forming an aggregation effect in time and space.

Stable demand has also reshaped the circulation chain of agricultural products. Direct delivery from the producing area has replaced layered distribution and has become the mainstream of the upward trend of agricultural products, helping the upward trend of agricultural products.

  "We hope that we can discover more delicious and useful rural characteristics and good things, and help the real first-line agricultural production and operation entities to develop faster through the new e-commerce platform." said the project leader of Pinduoduo's "Hometown Goods Live" project, said Pinduoduo. It will target more than 100 characteristic industrial belts across the country, continue to cultivate rural industries through comprehensive incentives and support, promote delicious and useful agricultural and sideline products across the country, and better connect with the large market of 800 million consumers.

  In August this year, Pinduoduo established the "10 billion agricultural research project" and announced that it would prioritize the profit that may be made in the second quarter and the next few quarters into the project.

Chen Lei, chairman and CEO of Pinduoduo, said that Pinduoduo will shift its focus in marketing over the past five years to research and development, and use Pinduoduo's technological advantages to further promote digital agriculture.

All the profits in the third quarter will also be invested in the "10 billion agricultural research project."