In the October economic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, “the profits of industrial enterprises above designated size nationwide have rebounded for two consecutive months” attracted attention.

In October, the profits of regulated industrial enterprises increased by 24.6% year-on-year, an increase of 8.3 percentage points from the previous month; the two-year average growth rate was 26.4%, an acceleration of 13.2 percentage points.

The data shows that the production and operation conditions of my country's industrial enterprises have been improving continuously, and the profit growth rate has risen steadily.

  As the mainstay of the national economy and the core growth engine, industrial stability leads to economic stability.

Since the beginning of this year, the industrial economy has overcome various difficulties and has generally maintained a stable recovery.

In the first three quarters, the national industrial added value above designated size increased by 11.8% year-on-year, and all 31 provinces achieved growth in the added value of industrial above designated size, laying a solid foundation for maintaining economic operations within a reasonable range.

  Since the fourth quarter, relevant departments have intensively investigated the current industrial economic operation situation, further studied a package of policies and measures for stable industrial growth, issued and implemented the "14th Five-Year Plan" series of industrial and informatization plans, and supported the construction of local key projects to stabilize industrial economic growth. , Boost the industrial economy and gather momentum.

  At present, with the vigorous advancement of policy measures such as ensuring supply, stabilizing prices, and helping companies to relieve difficulties, and continuing to show results, factors conducive to boosting the industrial economy continue to accumulate.

Since October, industrial production has undergone positive changes: private enterprise profits have increased by 28.8% year-on-year, contributing 42.7% to the growth of regulated industrial companies' profits; high-tech manufacturing profits have increased by 17.4% year-on-year, continuing a double-digit growth trend; consumer goods Manufacturing profits have turned from decline to increase, and more than 70% of consumer goods manufacturing profits have rebounded; the cost per hundred yuan of operating income of industrial enterprises on the scale has decreased by 0.39 yuan year-on-year, which is a significant drop.

  The results are gratifying, but the external environment is still complex and changeable, the industrial economy is still facing many unstable and uncertain factors, and positive factors and downward pressure coexist.

It takes hard work to stabilize the recovery trend of production and operation of industrial enterprises and lay a solid foundation for the stable recovery of the industrial economy.

  Strengthen the foundation, and strive to make up for the shortcomings of the industrial chain and supply chain.

At present, the supply chain of the global industrial chain is still unstable, and some imported products cannot be bought and the delivery is slow, which puts greater pressure on the production and operation of enterprises.

In the next step, we will vigorously ensure the safety and stability of the supply chain of the industrial chain, implement in-depth actions to replenish the chain in the manufacturing industry, strengthen the coordination and linkage of upstream and downstream enterprises, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the entire industrial chain.

  Increase kinetic energy and focus on expanding effective investment and demand in the industrial sector.

Accelerate the implementation of major national engineering projects, foster and expand new types of consumption, promote the increase in variety, quality, and brand creation of the manufacturing industry, and cultivate new growth points, which will help promote the optimization of the industrial economic structure and the realization of transformation and upgrading.

  Reduce the burden and focus on strengthening support for SMEs.

Recently, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to implement phased tax deferral measures for small, medium and micro enterprises in the manufacturing industry. All relevant departments have also studied the strengthening of resource element protection, strengthening the supply of key components, stabilizing commodity prices, and strengthening fiscal, taxation and financial policy support. A series of policies and measures have been introduced, taking the solution to the "difficult and worrying" problem for the majority of enterprises as the starting point and end point of promoting the steady growth of the industry.

  The fourth quarter is not only a "sprint period" for achieving the annual economic growth target, but also a "connecting point" for a smooth transition to the first quarter of next year.

It is necessary to make overall plans for the operation of the industrial economy in the fourth quarter, take proactive actions, strengthen forecasts and warnings, pay close attention to emerging and trending issues, and prepare for cross-cycle policy reserves to stabilize the profit recovery of industrial enterprises and ensure the smooth operation of the industrial economy.