Eric van Teeffelen, the owner of Anode Energie that filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, was already involved in three other bankruptcies in the energy sector in the past.

Van Teeffelen to confirm after reporting by



He was also in a legal discussion with Allure Energie, which went bust two weeks ago.

Anode was founded in 2001 by Van Teeffelen and had to file for bankruptcy on Wednesday due to the sharp rise in energy prices.

According to the company's statement, the supplier Anode International Trading failed to fulfill its obligations, forcing the company to suddenly purchase its power at the high market prices.

The Swiss supplier of the same name falls under the same group, but Van Teeffelen has no control over it.

"In Switzerland, no foreign directors are allowed to sit in companies," he explains.

Battle with Belgian energy companies

It is therefore not the first time that a company under Van Teeffelen's management has had to close.

Energie der Nederlanden went bankrupt in 2017 after a seven-year legal battle with Belgian energy companies.

As a result, the Belgian branch Anode BE went bankrupt and it later dragged Energie der Nederlanden into its downfall.

Pluspool, the parent company of Energie der Nederlanden and Anode BE, also went bankrupt in August of this year after the bankruptcy trustee of Energie der Nederlanden filed a claim of 12 million euros with Pluspool.

According to the bankruptcy trustee, there was mismanagement in the previous bankruptcy.

Also involved in bankruptcy of Allure Energie

Two years ago, the company Energie E&E also went bankrupt, in which Van Teeffelen was involved through a holding company.

Due to an unpaid invoice of about 8 million euros, the company could no longer fulfill its obligations, so that it had to file for bankruptcy.

Finally, Van Teeffelen also had a hand in the bankruptcy of Allure Energie.

That company went bankrupt two weeks ago, referring to "a legal conflict".

That now appears to be a conflict between Allure and Van Teeffelen.

According to Van Teeffelen, Allure had to pay another half a million euros to Energie I&V and a comparable amount to Energie der Nederlanden for the supply of electricity and gas.

"That did not happen, so I took the company to court and it subsequently went bankrupt. This is not a legal conflict, but a payment default," Van Teeffelen told

The bankruptcy trustee of Anode Energie now has until December 15 to find a buyer for the company's fourteen thousand customers.

If that doesn't work, they are divided among different providers.