China News Service, December 2 (Reporter Chen Jing) On the afternoon of the 2nd, Canada Goose Company sent personnel to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission to submit the materials.

The company stated in its materials that the consumer's request for return of goods from its national financial specialty stores will be actively handled under the guidance of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission and relevant regulatory authorities, and a proper solution will be put forward.

  Previously, faced with visible quality problems such as wrong embroidery of trademarks, rough stitches, and pungent fabric tastes, consumers first encountered "replacement clauses" such as "No refunds for goods sold in mainland China stores", and then were required to issue quality The test proved to be in a deadlock in rights protection.

  On the morning of December 1, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission specifically interviewed the Canadian Goose Company regarding the fairness and reasonableness of the "Replacement Clause" of the Canadian Goose Store that consumers were concerned about.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission requires Canada Goose Company to give the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission a clear explanation on the relevant terms and issues.

  According to the material, all products sold in specialty stores in mainland China can be returned for refund in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.

Based on the corresponding legal regulations, Canada Goose has implemented a 7-day refund policy for unreasonable returns online.

If consumers put forward reasonable reasons, such as quality issues, or indeed have other objective reasons, the company has always attached great importance to flexible handling.

  According to the material, Canada Goose has listened to various suggestions from consumers on returns and exchanges. These suggestions are very worthy of their thoughts. They will further investigate and make suggestions to the global headquarters.