Europe 1 4:50 p.m., December 01, 2021, modified at 4:55 p.m., December 01, 2021

Every Wednesday, in the program "La France bouge", a company comes to present its recruitment needs on Europe 1. This Wednesday, Raynal Le May, director general of the union of national social security funds, announced that he was looking to recruit 15,000 employees this year, in different trades. 

The Union of National Social Security Funds (UCANSSE) seeks to increase its workforce.

Its managing director, Raynal Le May, announced on Wednesday in "La France bouge" that 15,000 positions were to be filled this year, including about 8,000 on fixed-term contracts and 7,000 on permanent contracts.

Accountants, lawyers, managers ... UCANSSE offers no less than 80 professions.

What attracts diverse and varied profiles. 

Jobs for all profiles 

"We recruit in three main categories: expertise and service relations as well as support functions", explained Raynal Le May at the microphone of Europe 1. "We recruit lawyers, accountants, professions HR, IT, data. We have 56,000 executives in our teams, but also 22,000 managers ".

UCANSSE indeed needs new collaborators to supervise the teams in service relation, which constitutes the heart of its activity.  

"We are giving everyone a chance"

Today, the union of national social security funds has 150,000 employees, spread over 300 local organizations throughout France. “We do not have a dedicated entity for recruiting our employees,” explained Raynal Le May. To apply, simply go to the site, find a job that matches your skills, then send your CV. This Wednesday, there were 940 Social Security positions that were offered. UCANSSE recruits from Bac level to Bac +5 level or even more, depending on the mission. "We are giving everyone a chance," said Raynal Le May. 

The general manager of UCANSSE has also informed that the remuneration offered to employees is in line with the average French salary and varies according to the missions.

"We are adapting to jobs in tension," he said.

For him, joining social security responds above all to a desire for solidarity, a desire to be useful to the public.