China News Service, Hohhot, December 1 (Reporter Li Aiping) "In the next five years, the situation of Inner Mongolia's industrial development relying heavily on resource development will undergo an overall change, and substantial progress will be made in high-quality development with ecological priority and green development oriented. "On the 1st, Gong Mingzhu, director of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission, said at a press conference of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Party of China held here.

  Gong Mingzhu said that in the next five years, Inner Mongolia will fully implement the new development concept, serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and promote the development layout from decentralized and low-efficiency to intensive and efficient, economic development from resource dependence to innovation-driven transformation, and industrial development from extensive and high-carbon. Transition to green and low-carbon.

  According to Gong Mingzhu, In the next five years, Inner Mongolia will not only strengthen the dual control of land space and binding indicators, but also implement the "science and technology to revitalize Mongolia" action, which includes the overall planning of innovation foundations, innovation subjects, innovation resources, and innovation. Environment, promote the close integration of technology, education, industry, and finance, and build a distinctive and advantageous regional innovation system.

  It is worth mentioning that in the next five years, Inner Mongolia officials will steadily promote the "pace" of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

  In Gong Mingzhu’s view, “This is a broad and profound economic and social systemic change. We will thoroughly implement the national top-level design requirements, accelerate the establishment of a carbon peak and carbon neutral “1+N+X” policy system, and be strict Implement the energy consumption'dual control' policy (strictly control the intensity of energy consumption and reasonably control the total energy consumption) policy."

  How does Inner Mongolia promote the green and low-carbon development of traditional industries?

  At the press conference that day, Gong Mingzhu gave three "answers": First, we must eliminate backward production capacity in accordance with laws and regulations, resolutely and orderly, and achieve "free cages for birds".

Secondly, it is necessary to raise the threshold of green entry, clarify the energy efficiency benchmark level of key industries, carry out energy-saving and carbon-reduction technological transformation, promote industrial development within the bounds of energy-saving and emission-reduction indicators, and achieve green industry.

Third, we will further promote the modernization of the industrial chain, greatly increase the degree of deep processing of products, and enhance the overall benefits of the industry.