Chinanews, Wuhan, December 1 (Zhou Gang, Chen Bingqing) The "Wuhan Cloud" officially launched in September this year has currently 21 units on the cloud.

It is reported that as the country's first "city cloud", "Wuhan Cloud" will provide members of surrounding urban agglomerations with services such as government management, welfare services, urban governance, industrial innovation, and ecological livability, and promote the integrated development of the Wuhan city circle. Build the city's "most powerful brain".

  Recently, Ezhou City and Xianning City came to Wuhan Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. to negotiate and connect with "Wuhan Cloud".

Prior to this, Qianjiang City had settled in "Wuhan Cloud".

  Zhong Shoucheng, chairman of Wuhan Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that "Wuhan Cloud" is not only the cloud infrastructure and services of Wuhan's new smart city, but also the digital base of the smart city of Wuhan city circle.

The "Wuhan Cloud" digital industry innovation consortium is based in Wuhan and radiates the Wuhan city circle.

The members of the consortium share expert resources, platform resources, data resources, human resources, and financial resources, and jointly explore new paths for the integration and development of digital economy industries.

Visit the "Wuhan Cloud" exhibition hall. Photo courtesy of Wuhan Development and Reform Commission

  It is reported that "Wuhan Cloud" can provide cloud computing power and storage for various industries in Wuhan, including the Wuhan city circle, including virtual devices to provide a full range of cloud infrastructure services for data bases.

  "This cloud not only makes cities smarter, but also saves the cost of government departments building their own servers, allowing people to run less errands, and providing security for government data." Zhong Shoucheng said.

  Up to now, the number of "Wuhan Cloud" cloud units has reached 21, with more than 141 application systems.

Nearly 50 companies have joined the industrial innovation consortium, and industry leaders such as, SF Express, Ping An, and Digital China have signed contracts to settle in the digital economy headquarters area.