China's two departments allocate 5.198 billion yuan to the central government for temporary living difficulties in winter and spring

  China News Service, Beijing, November 30 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Emergency Management of China on the 30th that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Emergency Management have recently allocated 5.198 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) to the central government for temporary living difficulties in winter and spring. , Used to support and help disaster-stricken areas to coordinate the basic living security work for the affected people during this winter and next spring.

  The Meteorological Department predicts that under the influence of the La Niña event, China has frequent cold air activities this year, and the temperature in most of the central and eastern regions is likely to be lower than normal.

  On the 29th, the Emergency Management Department held a meeting and pointed out that this winter's large-scale cold wave will continue to affect China, and it is necessary to do a good job in winter disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work.

The Emergency Management Department continues to conduct rolling discussions and judgments with the meteorological and water conservancy departments to closely follow the northern rivers' freezing floods, extreme weather and other disasters, make timely warnings and forecasts, strengthen inspections, and move ahead of time to avoid danger; it is necessary to promote local governments to pay close attention to the detailed response to low temperature, rain and snow The plan, materials, equipment, and strength for disasters such as freezing, highlight key areas and places to make adequate emergency preparedness, give full play to the role of the main force of the national comprehensive fire rescue team and the national team, and ensure timely and effective handling of dangerous situations and disasters.

  In response to the heavier rescue tasks in winter and spring in some provinces, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Ministry of Finance issued notices in advance to organize and guide localities to conduct investigations, accurately report the rescue needs, and do a solid and orderly winter and spring rescue work to ensure that funds are released as soon as possible In the hands of the disaster-stricken people, to ensure that the disaster-stricken people survive the winter warmly.