, Beijing, November 30 (Reporter Pan Xulin) The reporter learned from the theme event of "International Conference on Government Green Procurement under the Vision of Carbon Neutrality and the 15th Anniversary of Government Procurement of Environmentally Labeled Products". After 15 years of practice, China Environmental The scale of government procurement of logo products has reached 1.3 trillion yuan.

In 2020, government procurement of environmentally labelled products reached 81.35 billion yuan, accounting for 85.5% of the purchase of similar products.

  The purpose of this event is to summarize and review the successful experience and achievements of China’s environmental labeling government procurement in the past 15 years, exchange excellent practical experience in government procurement at home and abroad, and discuss the mechanism of government green procurement to help achieve the "dual carbon" goal during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Paths and recommendations for the development of government procurement, discussing measures for in-depth advancement.

  It is reported that China's environmental labeling system has strongly supported the implementation of the government's green procurement system through the market supply of a large number of green products and the demonstration effect of first-hand trials, and promoted the implementation of the local government's mandatory green procurement innovation. At the same time, the restrictive effect of certification standards is effective. It has improved the degree of green government procurement, and forced enterprises to make green innovation, transformation and upgrading from the demand side.

  According to the statistical analysis of the 2016-2020 government procurement data of environmental labeling products for some products, it is mainly reflected in three aspects:

  1. In terms of air pollution reduction, in the past five years, environmental labeling products government procurement of office furniture has reduced 149,000 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), equivalent to 5% of the annual VOCs emissions of the petrochemical industry, and reduced 2,191.48 tons of formaldehyde; The purchased office desktop computers and portable computers reduced a total of 2517.6 tons of sulfur dioxide and 2517.6 tons of nitrogen oxides;

  2. Regarding the control of greenhouse gases, the environmentally labelled desktop computers and portable computers purchased in the past five years have reduced carbon dioxide emissions of 1.719 million tons, which is equivalent to the annual carbon sink of 191,000 hectares of forests; according to the Shanghai Environmental Energy Exchange Carbon Market Based on the average transaction price of 40 tons/yuan, the market value is equivalent to 650 million yuan.

  3. In terms of reducing water pollutants, through the purchase of copy paper that meets environmental labeling requirements, a total of 3,924.87 tons of chemical oxygen demand, 39.25 tons of total phosphorus and 39.25 tons of ammonia nitrogen have been reduced.

  This theme event was hosted by the Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, undertaken by the Zhonghuan Joint Certification Center, and co-organized by China Automotive Advantech Certification (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

  Leaders from the Department of Science, Technology and Finance of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Department of Climate Change, the Department of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance, and the Department of Certification and Supervision of the State Administration for Market Regulation attended the meeting.

Due to the epidemic, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the EU Mission to China, the ICLEI-Local Sustainable Development Association (ICLEI), the Global Environmental Labeling Network (GEN), and the International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) and other institutions Delegates participate in the meeting online.