Regarding the spread of the new mutant virus "Omicron strain" and the government's suspension of new entry of foreigners to all countries and regions of the world in principle, Mr. Sakurada, the secretary general of the Keizai Doyukai, said at a regular meeting on the 30th. Recognizing that it is unavoidable, he pointed out that consideration for the third vaccination should be accelerated.

In this, Mr. Sakurada said, "It is very disappointing that a new mutant virus called Omicron strain has spread, but it cannot be done as an emergency evacuation measure. It is important to take an initial response as soon as possible." I showed the recognition.

On top of that, "I have to wait because scientific knowledge has not been gathered yet, but it is the current Japanese society that is acquiring herd immunity. I think that vaccines are not completely useless for Omicron strains, so boosters It is important to delve into how much the vaccination can be accelerated, "he said, adding that the study for a third vaccination should be accelerated in order to curb the re-spreading of the infection.