The third domestic market in the world in the growth of seat capacity

1.08 million seats on flights in the Emirates this week

OAG International, the provider of airport and airline data, revealed that airlines operating in the UAE airports will operate more than one million and 88 thousand seats on flights during the week starting from November 29, compared to one million and 36 thousand seats in the previous week. with a growth rate of about 5%.

According to OAG data, the UAE market ranked third globally in terms of seat capacity growth this week, among the top 20 air transport markets around the world, with seat capacity increasing by about 102 percent, compared to the same week of the year. 2020, capacity is still 26% lower, compared to its levels in the same period in 2019, i.e. before the pandemic.

The data, which "Emirates Today" obtained a copy of, indicated that the scheduled seat capacity in the UAE during November 2021 as a whole grew by 11% to 4.3 million seats, compared to 3.88 million seats during October 2021, and increased by 102% compared to November 2020. Capacity decreased by 31.6% compared to November 2019.

The Corporation stated that airlines in the Middle East region will occupy about 3.6 million seats this week, with a growth rate of about 3.9% compared to the previous week, pointing out that the UAE market accounts for about 28% of the total capacity occupied by airlines in the region.

Globally, OAG indicated that scheduled seat capacity increased by 3% to 78.75 million seats, compared to 76.5 million seats in the previous week, noting that the capacity of global airlines continued to recover with the addition of a few million additional seats this week, Compared to last week, partly due to US markets, and some growth in markets such as China, Australia and UK.

• 102% increase in seat capacity in the UAE market within a week.

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