On November 28, the renovated Summer Palace Tourist Service Center was put into use.

  The newly unveiled tourist service center is a comprehensive service reception space that integrates tourist consultation, volunteer service, image display, self-service inquiry, and convenience services; internally, it functions as a smart tourism service center and is equipped with park management. Big data display and analysis, emergency command, display and other functions, the next step will be built into the wisdom "center" of the Summer Palace.

  In terms of functional division, the western service hall provides face-to-face tourist consultation for visitors. There are maternal and infant rooms, resting tables and chairs, and the rental services of convenient facilities such as strollers and wheelchairs.

  On the east side of the consultation hall, the concept of self-service travel is introduced, and “smart” elements can be seen everywhere.

The screen displays the overview of the scenic spot, the map of the scenic spot, park services, park cultural and creative and other 8 sections, and visitors can make inquiries on their own needs.

In addition, there are self-service vending machines, shared power banks, explainers, selfie sticks, and electric fans for tourists to rent themselves.

  Wang Xin, deputy director of the Summer Palace, said that data support makes park services more directional and efficient.

The park also introduced robots to answer consultation calls to meet the different needs of tourists, while reducing waiting time for consultation and improving the accuracy of answering questions.

(Produced by Xu Jing and Liu Yinghan)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】