China News Service, Chengdu, November 29 (Reporter Zhang Lang) The reporter learned from the China Energy Construction Gezhouba Electromechanical Company on the 29th that the Pakistan SK Hydropower Station 3 where the company undertakes the installation and commissioning tasks of the unit at 9 am local time on the 28th in Pakistan. The stator of the No. 1 unit safely, smoothly and accurately falls into the pit.

This is another successful hoisting of SK Hydropower Station after the first stator hoisting of the unit in early September this year.

The stator is being hoisted.

Photo courtesy of Gezhouba Electromechanical Company

Final safety inspection for lifting.

Photo courtesy of Gezhouba Electromechanical Company

  The total weight of the stator of Unit 3 hoisted this time is about 265 tons, the maximum outer diameter is about 7.62 meters, and the overall lifting height is about 10.2 meters. It is hoisted by two 250-ton bridge cranes in the underground plant.

"Three ups and three downs" trial hanging.

Photo courtesy of Gezhouba Electromechanical Company

  In order to ensure the smooth completion of the stator hoisting task of Unit 3, the project department, based on the full reference to the stator hoisting of the first unit, combined with the specific conditions on site, worked closely with the equipment manufacturers to continuously optimize the hoisting plan.

At the hoisting site, under the full monitoring of professional and technical personnel and safety supervisors, the stator of Unit 3 rises to a predetermined height and completes the steering. After translation adjustment, it slowly descends to the pit. The entire hoisting process is commanded powerfully and operated accurately.

Stator hoisting.

Photo courtesy of Gezhouba Electromechanical Company

  Pakistan's SK Hydropower Station is a key project in the first batch of priority projects in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and it is the "first order" of China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group's overseas greenfield investment.

A total of 4 impulse turbine generators with a single unit capacity of 221MW are installed in the power station, which is the largest impulse turbine hydropower station under construction in the world.