The new version of the corporate credit information publicity system is officially launched

The public can inquire corporate credit information with real names

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the State Administration of Market Supervision on November 28 that from November 26, 2021, the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (hereinafter referred to as the Publicity System) users’ real-name authentication query was officially launched.

In the future, the general public will have smooth access and meet the needs of personalized use, and the inquiry experience will be greatly enhanced.

How has the real-name authentication query changed compared with the past?

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily tested the new functions of the publicity system in an all-round way.

  The reporter learned that the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System (National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System) was launched in February 2014.

Starting from April 2021, on the basis of in-depth investigation and analysis of system operating bottlenecks, the publicity system will be transformed into user real-name authentication queries.

After the completion of the development of the system-related functions, a two-month system test was carried out.

  After the real-name authentication query was launched, the reporter also tried the national enterprise credit information publicity system after the real-name system for the first time.

According to the test, the reporter noticed that even if the website does not pass the real-name registration, it is still possible to query the basic information of the company, such as business registration information.

However, if you want a more detailed query, you need to pass real-name certification.

  According to the guidance of the website page, the real-name authentication requires the user to fill in the real name, ID number, mobile phone number and email address, and then use the mobile phone or email authentication to prove that the user is actually using it, and then the registration is completed.

  Compared with before registration, the website will increase the user's "personal center" interface.

In this interface, "My Message", "My Concern", "My Subscription", "My Objection", "Browsing History", and "Corporate Information Comparison" have been added to the basic functions.

Among them, "Comparison of Enterprise Information" can inquire in batches whether an enterprise is registered in industrial and commercial registration, whether it has administrative penalties, whether it is included in the list of abnormal operations, and whether it is included in the list of severely illegal and untrustworthy.

And this function needs to fill in the form according to the format provided and upload it.

The form can fill in 100 companies at a time, but the feedback time takes 24 hours.

  After the reporter registered and logged in with his real name, he randomly inquired about a company's information on the publicity system.

The reporter noticed that on the information page, buttons for "Follow", "Subscribe" and "Objection" appeared, allowing operations on the current enterprise.

Among them, "Follow" can be clicked directly; while "Subscription" can select 9 options such as "face-to-face change information", "executive change information", and "administrative penalty new information"; Inaccuracy and other issues are given real-name feedback to the system, but only when the company’s "face-to-face information" has objections.

  In addition, compared with the previous, after the real-name system, you can view all the company's information, and can send this information directly to the user's mailbox or automatically generate a QR code for sharing information, or you can print it directly.

The reporter noted that in the case of real-name login, the company information sent by the publicity system will generate a PDF version of the report, including all the information published on the website, and some information that has been folded for various reasons is also displayed in the report.

  However, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter also noticed that compared with the current commercial information query platform on the market, the publicity system can still only be inquired by company name, unified social credit code or registration number.

  Text / reporter Zhang Xin