Online channels become the focus of marketing

  Our reporter Ji Leilei

  With the promotion of consumption during the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, and e-commerce shopping festivals, dairy consumption in online channels has shown strong growth potential.

  According to data from Yili Milk’s JD’s self-operated flagship store saw a year-on-year increase in sales of 817% on the "Double 11" brand membership day; on the day of "Double 11", in the fresh milk category, Junle Baoyue fresh milk sales increased year-on-year 487%.

According to data from Tmall Supermarket, in the first three quarters, milk sales in Xinjiang nearly doubled year-on-year, and this year’s "Double 11" stocking volume was five times that of last year.

  "A number of products have achieved outstanding results on the sales list of e-commerce platforms, thanks to our continuous upgrade from smart supply chain, product innovation to consumer experience in recent years." Yili Group Vice President Zhang Yipeng told reporters that in order to satisfy consumption With the demand for quality, individualization, and diversification of dairy products, Yili is constantly accelerating product innovation and upgrading, while carrying out online and offline marketing integration. "Three-dimensional" channel construction, strengthen interaction and communication with consumers, and make every effort to explore new market growth points.

  With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and increasingly personalized consumer demand, online channels have become the focus of brand marketing for many dairy companies, such as e-commerce live broadcasts, community marketing, and WeChat sales.

"Dairy products are fast-moving consumer goods and are very suitable for online sales." Song Kungang, the principle director of the China Dairy Industry Association, believes that under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, how to ensure quality and safety, and deliver the products to the market, and then deliver them. In the hands of consumers, it is a challenge and an opportunity for many dairy companies.

  In recent years, the quality of my country's dairy products has continued to improve.

The results of the national food safety supervision sampling show that the qualified rate of dairy products and infant formula milk powder in my country has reached more than 99% for 6 consecutive years.

At present, my country's dairy product industry is in a critical stage of transformation and upgrading from high-speed growth to high-quality development.

In response to the recent sporadic rebound of the epidemic in many places, while ensuring the quality and safety of raw milk and milk powder, dairy product manufacturers must strengthen the quality control of auxiliary materials, packaging materials and food-related products, and ensure the integrity of the cold chain. Ensure that product quality does not decline.

  The dairy industry benefits hundreds of millions of people and is a major industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

Ma Youxiang, deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that since 2018, with the support of national policies, the dairy industry has achieved remarkable results.

The ability to guarantee milk supply has been greatly improved. In 2020, my country's milk production will exceed 35 million tons, ranking fourth in the world; the level of milk quality and safety has been greatly improved, from the pasture to the table, the quality of milk is safe and controllable; the consumption of dairy products has reached a new level. With the improvement of residents' income level and health awareness, dairy consumption has continued to increase; new progress has been made in the modernization of the dairy industry, the standardization, mechanization, and information management of aquaculture have been significantly improved, and the automation and intelligence of dairy production have continued to increase.

  Standing at a new historical starting point, on the one hand, we must not relax in the construction of the milk source base, focus on planting good grass, raising cattle, producing good milk, and fighting the combination of planting, feeding, disease, and management, and stabilizing and strengthening policy support. , Promote the production of bills of lading for dairy cattle breeding, improve quality, and reduce costs; on the other hand, we must not relax the quality and safety supervision, adhere to the whole chain, whole subject, and full coverage supervision, and organically integrate with the batch inspection system of dairy companies to promote Dairy quality has reached the international leading level.

In addition, we will continue to guide scientific consumption, strengthen interaction with consumers through various methods, promote scientific milk drinking knowledge, expand dairy consumption, and create a healthy and positive development environment for the industry.