China-Singapore Jingwei, November 30 (Meng Zhang) From December, a number of new regulations will be implemented one after another, involving minimum wage standards, pharmaceutical and medical insurance settlement, affordable rental housing, installation of elevators in old communities, time-of-use electricity prices, etc. Which item has the greatest impact on your life?

【National New Regulations】

Systemically important bank leverage ratio has new regulations

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  The "Additional Regulations on Systemically Important Banks (Trial)" will come into effect on December 1.

On the basis of meeting the requirements for leverage ratios, systemically important banks should additionally meet the requirements for additional leverage ratios.

The additional leverage ratio requirement is 50% of the additional capital requirement of systemically important banks, which is met by Tier 1 capital.

After entering the list of systemically important banks or a change in the systemic importance score causes the group to rise, banks should meet the additional leverage requirements on January 1 after a complete calendar year.

If a bank withdraws from the list of systemically important banks or changes in system importance scores result in a drop in the group, the new leverage requirement will be applied immediately.

The People's Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission may adjust the additional leverage requirements of systemically important banks in accordance with the macroeconomic situation, changes in financial risks and the actual development of the banking industry, and implement them after being reviewed and approved by the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council.

There are laws to follow to save and prevent groundwater pollution

  As the first special administrative regulation for groundwater management in my country, the "Regulations on Groundwater Management" came into effect on December 1.

The regulations focus on outstanding problems of groundwater overexploitation and pollution, and strengthen groundwater conservation and protection, overexploitation control, and pollution prevention.

Local people's governments at or above the county level are responsible for the management of groundwater within their administrative areas. They shall incorporate groundwater management into the national economic and social development plan at the corresponding level, and adopt measures such as controlling mining volume and preventing pollution to maintain a reasonable level of groundwater and protect the quality of groundwater.

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Implementation of "Pharmacovigilance Quality Management Standards"

  The "Pharmacological Vigilance Quality Management Standards" was formally implemented on December 1.

Holders of drug marketing permits and drug registration applicants approved to conduct drug clinical trials shall establish a pharmacovigilance system to monitor, identify, evaluate and control adverse drug reactions and other drug-related adverse reactions through effective operation and maintenance of the system.

Pharmacovigilance activities should be carried out based on the characteristics of drug safety, to minimize drug safety risks, and to protect and promote public health.

36 kinds of fishing gear are prohibited to be used in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin

  The "List of Prohibited Fishing Gear in Key Waters of the Yangtze River Basin" came into effect on December 1.

In the key waters of the Yangtze River Basin, 36 specific fishing gears in 10 categories are prohibited.

In addition to illegal nets such as gillnets, seine nets, and trawling nets, the newly announced list of prohibited fishing gears in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin has added fishing gears, cage pots and other categories, and explained the structure, operation methods and hazards of related fishing gears. The classification is clearer and more guiding for fishery law enforcement.

Electronic approval of imported feed products, etc.

  From December 1st, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has implemented electronic examination and approval of 11 administrative licensing items including the “quarantine approval of imported agricultural seeds and seedlings from abroad; registration of imported feed and feed additives”.

It is no longer necessary to submit paper application forms and application materials for the above-mentioned licensing items or licensing situations. Applicants can submit applications through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Government Service Platform and upload the electronic version of the application materials, and query the acceptance and approval result information on the platform in real time.

Scheduled visits to Tiananmen Square will be implemented from December 15th

  Starting from December 15th, Beijing Tiananmen Square will implement reservation visit measures. Individual tourists and tourist groups need to make reservations in advance to enter the square area.

The appointment is divided into 4 periods of flag raising, morning, afternoon, and flag lowering.

After the appointment visit measures are initiated, the total number of appointments is not limited at this stage, and necessary passenger flow regulation and control measures will be taken in due course according to the changes in the epidemic situation and the needs of prevention and control.

It should be noted that reservations for visits are not a substitute for security checks. Tourists still need to enter the square after security checks.

The Palace Museum is open to minors for free on a trial basis

  On November 29, the Palace Museum announced that it decided to try all open days for minors free of charge on the basis of the original free for children under 6 or under 1.2 meters in height, as well as elementary and middle school students who make uniform appointments every Tuesday.

From 20 o'clock on December 3rd, free tickets for minors (including Treasure Hall, Clock and Watch Hall) for minors after December 10, 2021 can be booked through the ticketing website of the Palace Museum and the WeChat public account of "The Palace Museum Audience Service".

【Local New Regulations】

Guangdong raises minimum wage

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  Starting from December 1, Guangdong will raise the monthly minimum wage and part-time hourly minimum wage. Guangzhou will adjust it to 2,300 yuan/month and Shenzhen to 2,360 yuan/month. The corresponding part-time hourly minimum wage standards of the two cities Both are 22.2 yuan/hour.

The four cities of Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, and Zhongshan are adjusted to 1,900 yuan/month, and the corresponding part-time minimum wage is 18.1 yuan/hour; Shantou, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang, and Zhaoqing are adjusted to 1,720 yuan/month. The corresponding minimum wage for part-time hours is 17 yuan/hour; Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Shanwei, Yangjiang, Maoming, Qingyuan, Chaozhou, Jieyang, Yunfu 10 cities are adjusted to 1,620 yuan/month, corresponding to part-time hours The minimum wage is 16.1 yuan per hour.

Shanghai: Newly built affordable rental housing will be fully renovated

  From December 1st, the "Shanghai Municipal Green Building Management Measures" will be implemented.

All newly-built affordable rental housing projects in Shanghai shall be fully furnished.

The proportion of fully furnished area for newly-built commercial residential projects shall comply with the relevant regulations of Shanghai Municipality, and shall be formulated by the municipal housing and urban-rural construction management department in conjunction with relevant departments.

At the same time, Shanghai promotes the use of interior industrialization and energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in fully-furnished residential projects.

Beijing: Implementation of "Beijing 6B" automotive gasoline and diesel standards

  Starting from December 1, Beijing will implement the "Beijing 6B" automotive gasoline and diesel standards to reduce emissions of various pollutants by 10%-30%; implement the National IV emission standards for non-road machinery and increase the number of particulate matter and other indicators.

Expand the range of low-emission zones for non-road machinery, expand the range of prohibited areas in 7 areas, and add 3 types of prohibited areas.

Sichuan: Policy adjustments for installing elevators in old communities

  Sichuan's "Guiding Opinions on Further Improving the Installation of Existing Residential Elevators" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guiding Opinions") will come into effect on December 1.

The "Guiding Opinions" canceled the clause "No objection from other owners", and adjusted the owner's consent ratio to "Owners who are willing to add elevators, solicit the opinions of all owners of this unit on whether to add elevators, and the area of ​​the exclusive part of this unit will account for 2/ 3 or more owners and more than 2/3 of the number of owners participate in the voting, and the owners of more than 3/4 of the area of ​​the exclusive part of the voting and the owners of more than 3/4 of the number of people participating in the voting agree."

After the implementation of the "Guiding Opinions", owners of "double 2/3 participation, double 3/4 agreement" can proceed with procedures such as preparation plan and application department review, so as to avoid the unreasonable phenomenon of "one vote blocking the whole building".

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Jiangxi: Direct medical insurance settlement for the purchase of "dual channel" drugs

  The "Interim Measures for the Administration of Dual-channel Negotiation Drugs in Jiangxi Province" will be implemented on December 1. Insured patients who have been approved and filed can purchase "dual-channel" drugs through designated hospitals and designated retail pharmacies under "dual-channel" management. , Both can directly settle medical insurance and enjoy the same medical insurance reimbursement treatment.

Fujian: 30 yuan of sanitary products or expenses can be distributed to female employees per month

  Starting from December 1, according to Article 9 of the "Regulations on Labor Protection of Female Workers in Fujian Province," qualified employers can issue sanitary supplies or expenses to female employees at a rate of 30 yuan per person per month.

The required funds may be included in the employee welfare expenses by the enterprise, and the public institutions may be included in the public expenditure items in accordance with the regulations.

The standard of sanitation fees will be adjusted in due course according to the economic development of the province and the living standards of residents.

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Hunan and Hebei: Implement time-of-use electricity price policy

  From December 1st, Hunan will divide the electricity consumption of large industries and general industrial and commercial industries and other electricity consumption with a capacity of 100 kVA (kW) and above according to peaks, flat sections, troughs, and seasonal peaks. Hourly electricity price.

In January, July, August, September, and December each year, the seasonal peak electricity price is implemented for industrial and commercial users who implement the time-of-use electricity price, and the daily electricity price from 18:00 to 22:00 is increased by 20% on the basis of the peak electricity price.

  Starting from December 1st, all industrial and commercial power users in the power supply business area of ​​Hebei Power Grid Corporation (except for users who do not implement peak-valley time-of-use tariffs for the time being) will implement peak-valley time-of-use tariffs.

Among them, peak electricity prices are implemented for two-part industrial users and single-system users with a power receiving transformer capacity of 100 kVA and above.

The electricity price for flat sections is based on the market transaction purchase price or the average on-grid price of electricity purchased by grid agents. The electricity price during peak and low periods fluctuates by 50% on the basis of the electricity price for the flat section; the electricity price during peak hours floats on the basis of the peak electricity price. %.

Hebei: Crack down on illegal transportation of rare and endangered wild animals and their products

  From December 1st, Hebei has implemented a designated channel management system for animals entering Hebei from outside the province.

The public security department will investigate and deal with suspected crimes such as illegal transportation of rare and endangered wild animals and their products, production and sale of livestock, poultry and meat and meat products with unknown causes of death, and forgery or alteration of animal quarantine certificates.

Hainan: Prohibition of import and export of illegal genetically modified seeds

  The "Administrative Measures for the Production and Operation Licensing of Seed Imports and Exports of Hainan Free Trade Port" came into effect on December 20, clarifying that if imported seeds are sold to other parts of the country through the Hainan Free Trade Port, the relevant procedures shall be handled in accordance with the import regulations in principle.

It is forbidden for any unit or individual to engage in seed import and export business without a seed production and operation license.

Xinjiang: Monopoly transportation services in scenic spots shall not be sold in bundles with tickets

  Xinjiang's "Administrative Measures for the Price of Tickets and Related Services in Tourist Attractions" came into effect on December 1.

The "Measures" clarify that the prices of scenic spots and related services are subject to government-guided prices and market-adjusted prices according to the types of scenic spots.

At the same time, the price of monopolistic transportation services in the scenic area should be marked separately and cannot be bundled with tickets.

Hangzhou: 11 traffic violations are not punished for the first time

  Hangzhou’s “Excellent Driving Fault Tolerance 3.0” measures were implemented on December 1. Motor vehicles have one of 11 illegal acts. If there is no such illegal record in Hangzhou for more than 3 months, verbal warning and education for the first illegal act shall be eliminated. After violations of the law are released, no penalty will be given.

  The 11 types of illegal acts include: failing to drive in the guiding lane, but not affecting the normal driving of vehicles in the relevant lane; violating the lane separation prohibition marking, but not affecting the normal driving of vehicles in the relevant lane; driving the machine within one year after the validity period of the driver’s license Motor vehicles (not allowed to continue driving afterwards); driving motor vehicles during the internship period and failing to paste internship signs in accordance with the regulations; motor vehicle spraying, pasting logos or body advertisements affecting safe driving; failing to spray magnified grades in accordance with regulations; impeding the placement of items in the cab Safety; driving when the doors and compartments are not properly closed; violating alternate traffic regulations; motor vehicles stopping and crossing lanes; driving motor vehicles (except for medium-sized passenger cars and dangerous goods transport bottles) speeding less than 20%.

Qingdao: Introducing preferential policies for housing provident fund for veterans

  Starting from December 1, Qingdao will implement preferential policies for housing provident funds for retired military personnel.

In terms of account opening and deposit, the threshold of social security payment has been removed, and all veterans and those eligible for special care who enjoy regular state pensions and subsidies have been included in the housing provident fund guarantee.

Retired military personnel who have not established a labor relationship with the employer may open an account voluntarily to deposit, and the deposit base, deposit ratio, etc. shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of freelancers.

In terms of transfer and continuation, the army has opened up the connection channel between the army and the local housing provident fund, and it is clear that veterans can deposit the housing provident fund paid by the army into the Qingdao provident fund deposit account. When applying for a loan, the account opening time, payment time and loan limit are combined.

In terms of loan application, the criteria for determining the time for loan application and deposit were relaxed, and the actual situation of retired servicemen’s transfer and placement was comprehensively considered, and the time period for re-payment approval at the time of loan application was extended from three months to one year. For houses paid within one year after retirement Provident fund is deemed to be continuously and normally deposited when applying for a loan.

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