In principle, new entry of foreigners will be suspended from the 30th, but Japan Airlines, a major airline company, will not cancel or suspend international flights due to the suspension of entry.

If the flight departs overseas during the 29th of Japan time, even if it arrives in Japan after midnight on the 30th, it will not be subject to immigration restrictions.

However, since the upper limit of the number of Japanese returnees per day will be lowered to about 3,500 again from December 1, the number of immigrants will reach the upper limit especially during the year-end and New Year holidays when there are many passengers. If this happens, some people may not be able to return to Japan.

In addition, ANA said that information is being confirmed, and regarding measures to suspend entry, Shinya Katanozaka, president of ANA Holdings, said, "It is very difficult because expectations for economic resumption have increased due to the relaxation of border measures from this month. I'm sorry. I would like you to minimize the impact on the human flow by taking appropriate measures according to the infection situation by country. "