Science and Technology Daily (Reporter He Xinghui) In order to provide strong intellectual support for the "strong provincial capital", Guiyang vigorously implements the strategy of revitalizing the city with talents.

A few days ago, Guiyang has issued a special policy for "heavy-weight" scientific and technological talents, which can give up to 100 million yuan in rewards and subsidies.

  According to regulations, the key support targets must be leading talents who understand both technology and the market, who can lead teams, technologies, and projects to start businesses in Gui'an, Guiyang, especially focusing on the strategic layout and industrial technology of Guiyang's industrial development. Innovative needs, able to focus on strategic, forward-looking, basic, and original scientific research fields, with core technologies that are at the internationally leading or domestic first-class level, and the market prospects for the industrialization of innovative results are good. Implementation of an innovation-driven strategy for Guiyang and Gui'an And high-quality economic development can play a leading and supporting role.

  For all qualified talents and teams, Guiyang will provide a maximum of 100 million yuan in living and scientific research awards based on 10%-30% of the total R&D investment budget of the project.

Among them, technological achievements industrialization projects are awarded and supplemented by 10% of the total R&D investment budget, and scientific research projects are awarded and supplemented by 20% of the total R&D investment budget. If it is transformed, it will be compensated according to 30% of the total R&D investment budget.

  At present, the Guiyang Comprehensive Insurance Zone, Guiyang High-tech Zone and other innovative open platforms, as well as Nanming District, Baiyun District, Xiuwen County and other places have made every effort to increase the awareness and fulfillment rate of the new talent policy in Guiyang, Gui'an, through training and presentations.

Since the "strong provincial capital" mobilization order was issued, Guiyang has established a "strong provincial capital" innovative talent headquarters to consolidate the responsibility of the "top leader" and grasp the "first resource", and with the vision, mind and courage of "inclusive of all rivers and talents" , Continue to optimize the talent development environment, strive to promote the "Great Convergence of Talents", and promote the development of talents and economic and social development at the same frequency.

  According to the plan, by 2025, the total number of talents in Guiyang will reach more than 1.6 million people, and the number of R&D personnel will exceed 200,000. The goal of “strong provincial capital” will be promoted through the accumulation of innovative talents.