The approximately 1.1 million collective bargaining employees in the federal states get more money.

Their wages will increase by 2.8 percent on December 1, 2022, as the Verdi union announced on Monday after another round of negotiations with employers in Potsdam.

In addition, at the beginning of next year, employees will receive a tax-free payment according to the Corona rules of 1,300 euros, trainees and students will receive 650 euros.

The collective agreement therefore has a term of 24 months.

"That is a largely respectable result," said the head of the Verdi service union, Frank Werneke. "It brings noticeable income improvements for a whole range of employees in the health care system." The Verdi trade unions as well as DBB-Beamtenbund and Tarifunion had demanded five percent more wages and salaries for the public service of the federal states (excluding Hesse), but at least 150 euros more per month twelve months term. Healthcare workers are to receive an additional 300 euros per month in the form of a table.

The result is to be transferred to the 1.2 million officials.

Employers and trade unions already achieved a degree in October 2020 for the public service of the federal government and municipalities.

According to this, these approximately 2.3 million employees get a total of 3.2 percent more money in two steps.