The installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in my country exceeds 1 billion kilowatts (new data and new highlights)

  Our newspaper, Beijing, November 28 (Reporter Ding Yiting) Since the beginning of this year, my country's installed renewable energy capacity has steadily expanded, bearing fruitful results.

According to data released by the National Energy Administration recently, as of the end of October this year, my country’s cumulative installed capacity of renewable energy power generation exceeded 1 billion kilowatts, reaching 1.02 billion kilowatts, which is equivalent to the installed capacity of more than 40 Three Gorges power stations. The proportion of total installed power generation capacity in the country reached 43.5%, an increase of 10.2 percentage points from the end of 2015.

Among them, the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, solar power and biomass power generation reached 385 million kilowatts, 299 million kilowatts, 282 million kilowatts and 35.34 million kilowatts, ranking first in the world.

  The layout of renewable energy development was further optimized.

my country is rich in building roof resources, and there is huge potential for the development and construction of rooftop distributed photovoltaics.

In the first three quarters of this year, new distributed photovoltaic installations accounted for about 64% of the country’s new photovoltaic installations, surpassing centralized photovoltaic power plants.

Not only that, the development of wind power is also shifting to the central-eastern and southern regions where consumption conditions are better.

In terms of the distribution of new installed capacity, in the first three quarters of this year, the central and eastern regions and southern regions accounted for about 60%.

  The cost of wind power and photovoltaic power generation per kilowatt-hour has further decreased.

According to Qin Haiyan, secretary general of the Wind Energy Professional Committee of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society, the cost of onshore wind power in my country has dropped by about 40% in the past 10 years.

At present, in areas with good wind energy resources in the northwest, the cost is about 0.3 yuan/kWh, and the cost in the central, eastern and southern regions is 0.4 yuan/kWh.

The data shows that in 2020, the average cost per kilowatt-hour of onshore wind power and photovoltaic power generation in my country will be reduced to about 0.38 yuan and 0.36 yuan respectively, a year-on-year decrease of 10% and 18% respectively, which creates favorable conditions for the next step of high-proportion, low-cost, and large-scale development. condition.

  "Next, we will speed up the implementation of renewable energy substitution actions, build a new power system with a gradual increase in the proportion of new energy, and promote the large-scale optimization of clean power resources." The relevant person in charge of the National Energy Administration said.