In the Asian stock market on the 29th, sell orders are spreading due to caution about the impact of the new mutant virus on the world economy, and stock prices are falling in many markets.

As of 11:30 am on the 29th of Japan time, the representative stock indexes in each region are

▽ Singapore about 0.9%,

▽ Hong Kong about 0.5%,

▽ South Korea about 0.3%,

▽ China

compared to the closing price of last weekend.

In Shanghai, the price has dropped to about 0.2%.

This is because people infected with the new mutant virus "Omicron strain" confirmed in South Africa have been found in various places, and there is a growing sense of caution about the impact on the world economy.

Market officials said, "There is a growing sense of caution as each country announces immigration restrictions early on. On the other hand, new mutant viruses often do not yet know the infectivity and risk of aggravation, so they want to determine the future. There are also many investors. "