China News Agency, Xining, November 27 (Sun Rui, Li Long, Geng Yongkai) China State Power Investment Corporation’s Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. The camera group was officially built in Qinghai.

  At 18:21 on November 26, as the 168-hour trial operation of the No. 3 tuning camera at Zhuyu 330kV Convergence Station ended, the first batch of 4.05 million kilowatt supporting power points for the first phase of the "Qingyu DC" UHV project built by the Yellow River Company 16 All the 50-megabyte distributed control system projects are connected to the grid and put into operation, with excellent indicators, marking the official formation of the world's largest new energy distributed control system group, which will effectively ensure that the "Qingyu DC" project has 4 million kilowatts of power transmission. ability.

  "It is the first time in the world to explore the practice of large-scale installation of distributed dimming cameras on the power supply side, which will effectively solve the voltage stability problems caused by cross-regional DC transmission and large-scale integration of new energy into the power grid. It is of great significance for accelerating the development of energy transformation." Xue Ning, Engineering and Technology Department of Yellow River Company, said.

  "In May, the main workshops of the adjustment cameras in the collection stations were capped; in June, the public system was put into operation; in July, the first adjustment cameras began to debug; in August, the 330kV Xuming Substation No. 1 camera transformer was successfully closed with one impact; In November, the first phase of the 16 camera adjustment projects were all connected to the grid and put into operation.” Xue Ning said that without reference standards, the company’s United Nations Network Corporation, design institutes, and equipment manufacturers repeatedly conducted technical exchanges and program discussions. Full-cycle and multi-angle research on model selection, configuration plan, and later operation and maintenance, etc., explored the industry-representative and instructive centralized layout plan and construction technology in the distributed dimming camera workshop, filling the domestic gap.

  Li Zhi, executive director of the Yellow River Company New Energy Investment and Development Co., Ltd., said that after all 21 cameras are put into operation, it is expected to increase the new energy power generation capacity of Qinghai and Hainan by 3.15 million kilowatts. Reduced 3.189 million tons of coal burning and 5.742 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, with significant economic and environmental benefits.

  The new energy distributed dimming camera has the advantages of simple system, high integration, good adjustment performance, etc., which will greatly enhance the new energy transmission capacity of the important channel of "West-to-East Power Transmission", which can be used as a reference and demonstration for the centralized development of large-scale new energy. .