China News Service, Xining, November 27th (Qi Zengbei) On the 27th, Qinghai’s first "green power engine" tailored for the "Zero Carbon Industrial Park"-the Qinghai "Zero Carbon Industrial Park" green power project was launched in Qinghai Province. The construction of the Pingbei Economic Zone in Dongshi City was launched, which fully opened the prelude to building a park-level smart zero-carbon power system to serve the construction of Qinghai’s zero-carbon industrial park.

  According to reports, this is also one of the concrete implementation measures for the Qinghai Provincial People's Government and the State Grid Corporation of China to sign the "Qinghai Zero-Carbon Industry Demonstration Zone Cooperation Framework Agreement."

On the same day, the Qinghai “Zero-Carbon Industrial Park” signing and the park’s green power project groundbreaking ceremony was held simultaneously in Xining, Qinghai Province. The Qinghai Provincial People’s Government signed agreements with State Grid Co., Ltd., State Power Investment Group, National Energy Group and other enterprises and institutions. Cooperation framework agreement, cooperation intention agreement, strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding.

The picture shows Yang Yong, chairman of the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, introducing Qinghai’s "Zero Carbon Industrial Park" green power project.

Photo by Qi Zengbei

  According to Yang Yong, chairman of the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, Pingbei Economic Zone currently has one 750 kV, 330 kV, and 110 kV substation, which has the power supply capacity of the current zero-carbon industrial park.

The Guyi 110kV power transmission and transformation project started this time is the first action to support the construction of the zero-carbon industrial park. The total investment of the project is 81.24 million yuan, the newly-added substation capacity is 100,000 kVA, and the new line length is 6.2 kilometers. It is planned to be 12 next year. It was completed and put into operation by the end of the month.

  In the next step, the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company will continue to promote the development of the park's power grid. It plans to invest 950 million yuan to expand one 750 kV substation, two new 330 kV substations, and 3 110 kV substations, which will meet the requirements of the park by then. 1.3 million kilowatts of load power demand, providing 10 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity every year.

The picture shows the start of construction of the Qinghai "Zero Carbon Industrial Park" green power project in the Pingbei Economic Zone, Haidong City, Qinghai Province. Photo by Wang Xiaogang

  Yang Yong said that as a major participant and promoter of the construction of the zero-carbon industrial park, Qinghai Electric Power Company will accurately meet the needs of the park’s services, combine with the construction of a provincial demonstration area of ​​Qinghai’s new power system, and rely on the large power grid to optimize the allocation of resources and establish a strong A development framework with backbone grid and smart distribution network as the basic platform, green power trading as the foundation, and green power traceability technology as the support, committed to building an all-green power supply system and a zero-carbon closed-loop management and control system to ensure 100% green power in the park Safe and reliable supply.

  Yang Zhiwen, deputy governor of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government and Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, said at the signing ceremony: “We will continue to deepen practical cooperation with relevant companies, implement the “Belt and Road” initiative, build a clean energy industry highland, and high-standard construction. “Carbon Industry Park”, in the realization of mutual benefit and win-win, jointly compose a bright future for the sustainable and healthy development of Qinghai’s “zero carbon” industry, and contribute Qinghai’s wisdom to the realization of the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategic goals.” (End)