Xinhua News Agency, Xining, November 27 (Reporters Zhou Shengsheng, Xie Tongqiang) The reporter learned from the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company that as of the end of October, the total installed capacity of Qinghai Power Grid was 40.7 million kilowatts, of which 24.85 million kilowatts of new energy, accounting for 61 %, Qinghai Power Grid has become the provincial power grid with the highest proportion of clean energy and new energy installed capacity in the country.

  On the 27th, at the 2021 "Belt and Road" Clean Energy Development Forum, experts from various research institutes, universities, and enterprises across the country gave positive comments on the development of Qinghai's clean energy industry.

  “Damei Qinghai is the beautiful green business card of Beautiful China, and it is also an important strategic area for the development of the National Energy Group’s new energy industry.” Liu Guoyue, General Manager of National Energy Group The comprehensive deepening of strategic cooperation in the fields of energy, ecological and environmental protection, and rural revitalization has achieved fruitful results in local-enterprise cooperation.

  The reporter learned that with its unique resource endowment, Qinghai's clean energy development has made positive progress in recent years.

Up to now, the proportion of clean energy installed capacity, the proportion of new energy installed capacity, and the installed capacity of centralized photovoltaics in Qinghai Province are the highest in the country, and the proportion of new energy power generation in the total power consumption of the whole network ranks first in the country.

  Jiang Yi, general manager of State Power Investment Corporation, said that global energy is facing a new round of profound changes, and the energy transition characterized by clean, low-carbon, smart, and sharing is flourishing.

It is of great significance for Qinghai to build a national clean energy demonstration province and accelerate the establishment of a national clean energy industry highland. It will make greater contributions to ensuring my country's energy security and promoting my country's high-quality energy development.