On November 26, three new white-feather broiler breeds including "Shengze 901" ended their publicity and officially passed the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. They became the first batch of independently-bred white-feather broiler breeds in my country, breaking the long-term monopoly of white-feather broiler sources by foreign countries.

  As an important poultry, white feather broiler is the main raw material for fried chicken and other foods.

White feather broilers entered China in the 1980s, and China quickly became the world's largest consumer of poultry. However, breeding has been monopolized by European and American companies for a long time, and breeder chickens are completely imported.

Not only the price and supply of chicken fry are controlled by foreign companies, each chicken fry has risen from the initial 5 US dollars to 37 US dollars, and the imported original breeders often carry a variety of provenance diseases, which has brought a great deal to our country. Hidden dangers of biological safety.

  In 2014, the then Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of my country proposed to breed 2 to 3 new breeds of white feather broilers that reached the international advanced level in the same period by 2025.

In the following five years, Shengnong Group, my country's largest white feather broiler company, combined with Northeast Agricultural University and the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to conduct secret breeding in a village in Guangze County, Fujian Province.

After arduous exploration by scientific researchers and withstanding the threat of "cutting off supply" of chicken fry by foreign companies, domestic chicken fry was initially successfully cultivated in 2019.

After two years, hundreds of batches of comparative tests; and the performance measurement of the Poultry Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The production speed, survival rate, egg production rate and feed-to-meat ratio of China's independent breeding chickens have reached the international advanced level.

  After a series of rigorous reviews, the three new white-feather broiler breeds "Shengze 901", "Yisheng 909" and "Guangming No. 2" were finally approved by the National Animal and Poultry Genetic Resources Committee.

Since then, the Chinese "eating chicken" no longer have to worry about being "knocked" by foreign countries and have truly realized "freedom of eating chicken".

(Headquarters reporter Lin Zhou)