Can compete with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for talents, where does the strength come from?

  Author: Yang Zhengzheng Zhu Lin Yang Jun

  Guangming Daily (version 06 on November 28, 2021)

Suzhou deeply cultivates the platform carrier and gathers talents from all over the world.

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Suzhou comprehensively upgrades its talent work, and strives to build a "Entrepreneur's Paradise, Innovator's Paradise".

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Continuously consolidating the industrial talent base, Suzhou already has two trillion-level industries in electronic information and equipment manufacturing.

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  [When the talent power is in progress]

  Talent is the primary resource, and the competition in cities is ultimately the competition of talents.

In recent years, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province has insisted on gathering talents from all over the world and making every effort to create "Entrepreneurs' Paradise and Innovators' Paradise".

At present, the total number of talents in Suzhou has reached 3.21 million, among which more than 300,000 high-level talents have continued to inject strong impetus into the high-quality economic and social development.

  Looking at the talent resumes, it is not difficult to find that many innovative and entrepreneurial talents have worked in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen before they came to Suzhou for development.

What kind of talent attraction platform has Suzhou built to compete with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for talents?

Are there any unique explorations in gathering high-end talents?

What efforts have been made to build a high-quality talent ecosystem?

  With these questions in mind, the research team of the Party School of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee launched a special investigation on the innovative practice of talent work in Suzhou.

  Broaden channels for introducing talents at multiple levels

  In October 2021, the Gusu Laboratory of Materials Science released 39 project guidelines, inviting companies to jointly tackle the problem of "stuck neck".

As a major scientific and technological innovation platform, the Materials Science Gusu Laboratory, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan, is a new research and development institution oriented to the field of materials.

  Planting the plane tree, attracting the phoenix, the major platform carrier is the "golden plane tree" for recruiting talents.

In order to attract talents "Golden Phoenix", Suzhou has carefully cultivated three "planet trees", a major science and technology innovation platform, a dual innovation incubator carrier, and a talent introduction activity platform.

  Since its establishment in June 2020, the Gusu Laboratory has focused on scientific research projects, gathered and selected talents through the needs of major scientific research projects, actively explored market-oriented and diversified flexible employment mechanisms, and created a "high-precision" talent team. And the "reservoir" of talents for scientific research.

Up to now, the number of employees in the laboratory has exceeded 400, with a doctorate degree or above accounting for more than 50%; 26 high-end talents have been introduced, including 13 national-level talents.

  In addition, Suzhou has also established a number of major platform carriers such as the Yangtze River Delta Advanced Materials Research Institute and Suzhou·China Sound Valley. By promoting the reform of scientific research system and mechanism, exploring open, flexible and effective employment mechanisms, creating an atmosphere of innovation, and gathering a large number of high High-level talents continue to burst out innovative vitality.

  If the major technological innovation carriers are the reservoirs of high-end basic research talents, then the innovative and entrepreneurial incubator carriers are the cradles of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

In recent years, Suzhou has vigorously promoted the construction of incubation carriers. As of August 2021, there have been more than 460 incubation carriers for technological entrepreneurship at or above the provincial level in the city.

Among them, Dandelion Incubator has established a three-in-one entrepreneurial service model of "entrepreneurship carrier + entrepreneurial service + venture capital", creating a full ecological chain of entrepreneurial services from incubation to angel investment to venture capital to listing and mergers and acquisitions.

Xingluo Intelligence, which focuses on the field of drone empowerment, has launched its products in the domestic and European markets with the financial support of Dandelion.

  The platform carrier also includes a talent docking and exchange platform.

In July 2021, the 13th Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week opens.

This platform for attracting talents through online and offline docking, holding international maker competitions, and implementing the "Settled Enterprise Training Program", etc., extensively invites high-level talents to come to the Soviet Union for docking and negotiation, achieving nearly 7,400 settled projects.

In 2012, Qian Xueming, a Ph.D. from Columbia University in the United States, and vice president of Beijing Sheng Nuoji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., went south to Suzhou to establish Maebos Biomedical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. through the platform built by Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week. In 2018, he and his team Developed the world's first pH-dependent binding PD-L1 antibody, shocking the industry.

  Therefore, only by persevering in polishing up the talent attraction brand, promoting activity innovation, and creating an influential talent recruitment platform, can the city attract talent activities blossom everywhere.

  Create a strong magnetic field of "high-precision and special" talents

  In 2021, Suzhou will once again be on the list of "Charming China—The Most Attractive Chinese City in the Eyes of Foreign Talents". This is the 10th consecutive year that Suzhou has been included in the top 10 of the list.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Suzhou has focused on implementing the “seven major projects” of top talents, leading talents, scarce talents, and high-skilled talents. The strong magnetic attraction effect of "Jiante" talents.

  In 2020, Florin, the chairman of the European Union Fruit Committee and academician of the Romanian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Changshu Institute of Technology signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build a "foreign academician workstation".

Up to now, Suzhou has established 11 foreign academician workstations and 305 provincial and municipal foreign expert studios. The proportion of foreign high-end talents in Jiangsu Province has reached 55%.

A more open talent policy and innovative ways of citing talents have made global talents promising in Suzhou.

  Attracting talents, the key is to make good use of talents.

The "Seagull Project" launched in 2011 is a flexible exploration of the talent introduction mechanism in Suzhou. It supports market entities to break the rigid restrictions on the flow of talents such as nationality, household registration, social security, etc., and extensively leverage the innovative breakthroughs and innovations of international high-end talents in industrial development. Leading role to achieve rapid breakthroughs in the bottleneck of industrial development.

  During the construction of the nano-vacuum interconnection test station by the Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, it has always fully considered the needs of regional economic and social development. In cooperation with the talents of various units in the national innovation system, it has continuously promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, integrated into the economic and social innovation value chain, and achieved production. The interactive development of study and research has built the world's largest ultra-high vacuum interconnected scientific research facility, discovering a vast world in the nano-level microscopic space.

  Through continuous consolidation of the industrial talent base, Suzhou now has two trillion-level industries of electronic information and equipment manufacturing, and its comprehensive innovation strength has ranked first in Jiangsu Province for 12 consecutive years. It is the country with the largest number of state-level development zones and the most complete types.

  Keeping up with the global talent dynamics, focusing on the development of local enterprises, and focusing on the effectiveness of talents, Suzhou focuses on the global gathering of high-end talents, and continues to build a strong platform for attracting talents.

Nowadays, the leading position of talents in the innovation of Suzhou's industrial development is more prominent, and the ability of talents to navigate innovation is quickly released, continuously injecting "talent water" into the development of the industry.

  Build a high-quality talent ecosystem

  The innovation and creation of talent enterprises are inseparable from the support of funds.

To this end, the Suzhou government has made great efforts in talent financial services.

  In 2020, the Suzhou "Chuang·Worry-free" Talent and Wealth Advisory Group was formally established. The first group of executive committee members consisted of five state-owned financial institutions in Suzhou.

This open organization turns the traditional single institution and talent project docking into a group-type financial institution and talent project docking, not only providing full-cycle, full-chain financial services for talent companies, but also for the start-up, growth, and maturity stages. Talent companies provide professional consulting, counseling and training services.

  In fact, such a professional and all-round talent enterprise service work in Suzhou has been solidly promoted.

In 2012, Suzhou Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park established Suzhou Venture Capital Company, which served as a limited partner to participate in well-known industry venture capital institutions such as Share Link and Yucheng, Taifu Capital, Eli Lilly Asia, Medtronic-Sequoia China Fund and other well-known industry venture capital institutions to help the park. Enterprise development, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and more than 300 investment projects, is an important force behind Suzhou's seizing the commanding heights of the biomedical industry.

  In April 2020, at the launching ceremony of the "Talent Loan" in Wujiang District, Suzhou, nine companies received bank credits totaling 150 million yuan. This is a timely rain for talent companies that are suffering from capital shortages affected by the epidemic.

For the first time, Suzhou "Talent Loan" allowed the maximum unsecured loan line of talent enterprises to reach 50 million yuan, which is the highest level in the country in terms of loan line and interest rate competitiveness.

  From "talent investment" to "talent loan", Suzhou takes the trust of talents as the premise, the characteristics of investment talents, and the mission of becoming talents. It gathers the power of serving talents from the whole society, attracts a large amount of social capital attention and settles in Suzhou, and jointly builds inclusiveness. The development pattern of, sharing and win-win has formed a fully active development ecology of talents, capital and industries.

  The development needs of talents are changing, and Suzhou's talent services are constantly upgrading. Through the establishment of three service systems of "full life cycle, full asset management, and full ecological environment" for talent companies, many companies firmly choose Suzhou.

Jiangsu Pudaditai Technology Co., Ltd. is a typical example. Since its establishment in Suzhou, it has grown at an annual rate of about 50%, and the company's product accuracy has reached the international leading level.

  At the same time, Suzhou has further "relaxed" the incentive mechanism, explored the implementation of more flexible market-based incentive mechanisms, actively created a social environment that encourages innovation and tolerates failure, and encourages talents to learn and conduct research without distractions, and to produce more results. Good results.

  In summary, the research team of the Party School of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee believes that the talent competition at this stage is no longer a simple competition of preferential policies, but a comprehensive competition of talent introduction concepts, talent introduction methods, and innovation ecology.

Emancipating the mind, implementing precise policies, systematic services, and giving play to its comparative advantages have enabled Suzhou to win the initiative in the competition for urban talents.

  (Author: Yang Zhengzheng, Zhu Lin, Yang Jun Unit: CPC Suzhou Municipal Party School)