[Explanation] Recently, the "Anus Preservation School" of Xinqiao Hospital of the Army Military Medical University opened to answer questions for patients with rectal cancer free of charge, teach relevant knowledge about anus preservation, and work with patients to overcome the disease.

  [Explanation] For most patients with rectal cancer, there is an inner worry that is more concerned than "Can cancer recur", that is, "Can the anus be preserved".

In clinical practice, the two most frequently asked questions by patients and their families to doctors are whether they can preserve the anus?

Do you want to change course?

Some patients even expressed the idea of ​​giving up treatment if the anus cannot be preserved.

It is understood that the Anus Preserving School of Xinqiao Hospital of the Army Military Medical University is the first school in Chongqing specifically for patients with rectal cancer.

Different from schools in the traditional concept, they use specialized outpatient clinics, popular science lectures, expert questions and answers, and personalized treatment plans to provide accurate anus preservation services for patients with rectal cancer, and improve the treatment rate and treatment of patients with rectal cancer. Quality of life after surgery.

  [Explanation] Xiao Weidong, Director of General Surgery of Xinqiao Hospital, told reporters that the launch of "Anus Preserving School" is mainly to strengthen the communication between doctors and patients. Easier, more equal and symmetrical status between doctors and patients.

  [Concurrent] Xiao Weidong, Director of General Surgery, Xinqiao Hospital, Army Medical University

  Our main purpose is to get rid of this mystery, let them understand this operation, and then understand this operation.

So he has a correct understanding of some things after the operation, such as how to care for the patient and how to follow up.

  [Explanation] The Anal Reserving School adopts a synchronous online and offline approach, and teaches once a quarter. The patients and their families who participated in the first phase of the study expressed their rewards after listening to the relevant science knowledge.

  [Contemporaneous] Family members of patients

  We didn't know anything about this care at first.

For example, if you change the bag and heat it with air, it will stick better. Otherwise, I won't be able to take care of it in the future. I learned a lot by learning like this.

  [Explanation] With the advancement of science and technology, more than 90% of rectal cancer patients have the opportunity to preserve the anus through digital navigation-assisted precision anus preservation surgery.

Xiao Weidong said that there is a potential risk of local recurrence for ultra-low anus preservation surgery. Therefore, patients should not blindly pursue anus preservation. If they do not meet the requirements, insist on anus preservation, not only will not get the desired effect, but may also aggravate the condition.

  [Concurrent] Xiao Weidong, Director of General Surgery, Xinqiao Hospital, Army Medical University

  Rectal cancer, whether it is rectal cancer, or anus preservation, or even if it is modified to have a stoma.

In fact, it is not the end point of his life. We have to use this (school) to reshape the confidence of patients, to help them build a self-confidence, to help him return to society.

  Jia Nan Yin Chuandong reports from Chongqing

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