China News Service, Changchun, November 26 (Tan Weiqi) reporter learned on the 26th that the famous ice and snow tourist city Changchun will focus on building a world-class ice and snow theme park this winter in terms of scale and volume.

Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi covers an area of ​​1.56 million square meters, which is equivalent to the total area of ​​223 football fields.

  On the same day, the reporter learned the above information from the 2021-2022 Tiandingshan Tourist Resort Town's Ice and Snow Tourism Season Press Conference and Launching Ceremony.

  Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi is one of the four core sectors of the Tiandingshan tourist resort town. It plans to use a total of 390,000 cubic meters of ice and 260,000 cubic meters of snow. There are more than 160 ice and snow single buildings in the scenic area, compared with 2020. An increase of 13%.

  It is reported that Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi has planned six areas for the 100th Anniversary of Xue Nian, Bing Ying Winter Olympics, Changchun Love, Chasing Dreams and Sailing, Passionate Fun on Ice, and Huadeng Blessing.

Among them, 670,000 square meters of ice and snow play space is divided into five play areas: Passion Series, Childlike Series, Memories·Northeast Series, Net Red Series, and Mechanical Series. There are more than 60 various slides including the 512.6-meter passion slide. .

  Last winter, Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi used the ancient method of ice storage to store 40,000 cubic meters of ice.

The reporter saw at the construction site that the Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi had opened a cellar to fetch ice. 300 sets of mechanical equipment and more than 10 ice construction teams entered the site to carry out construction work 24 hours a day.

  Jiang Licheng, chairman of the Jilin Provincial Construction Group, said that the Changchun Ice and Snow New World built with superior geographical conditions and natural resources can realize a new experience from ice and snow sightseeing to ice and snow amusement.

  According to the reporter’s understanding, this ice and snow season, Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi will hold "Millions of Students on Ice and Snow" theme day activities, "Fourth Brand Power Ceremony", Ice and Snow New Year’s Eve party, snow football match, and rural children’s ice and snow activities. Will also be staged one by one.