, November 25. The US Department of Commerce announced on the 24th that 12 Chinese companies have been included in the "entity list" because they do not conform to US national security interests or foreign policy.

In response, Shu Jueting, spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce of China, responded at a regular press conference on the 25th.

  Shu Jueting pointed out that the new sanctions list issued by the US Department of Commerce does not conform to the consensus of the heads of state of China and the United States. It is not conducive to China and the United States, and is not conducive to the security of the global industrial chain supply chain and the recovery of the world economy.

The United States has broadened the concept of national security and arbitrarily introduced sanctions. It seriously lacks factual basis and the procedures are very opaque. China has expressed strong protest and will make solemn representations to the United States.