The Tax and Customs Administration has wrongly refused a request for debt restructuring of possibly 5,000 to 15,000 people.

This happened because they were included in the Fraud Signaling Facility (FSV) of the Tax Authorities, an investigation system that turned out not to comply with privacy legislation.

The system was therefore turned off last year.

That is what outgoing State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief (Tax Office) wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives.

People who applied for debt restructuring had a debt of at least 10,000 euros.

It is not yet clear how many people are involved.

That is why all files are reassessed.

An attempt is being made to find a solution for the victims.

They may have suffered a great deal of damage as a result of the rejection for debt restructuring.

It is possible that they have been declared personally bankrupt or have been forced to recover as a result.

"I think this is a very serious possibility that requires appropriate recovery," said Vijlbrief.

The FSV was expelled last year after it turned out that a lot of people had been wrongly included on the list.

The list was also in violation of privacy legislation.

Meanwhile, the tax authorities sent 60,000 people a letter with the reason why they were on that list.

That reason is unknown to some people.