The price of hairy crabs packed into bouquets has doubled

  "Crabs have you, and there are surprises everywhere in life" "Always domineering, but I blush when I see you"...

  Around the Mid-Autumn Festival in September this year, a florist owner posted a video about making a "hairy crab bouquet" on social platforms. The more popular videos received 17,000 comments. "

  For hairy crabs to become "a bunch of flowers", they first need to be fixed with two long bamboo sticks with a rope, and then packaged like ordinary flowers.

With the above-mentioned "earth-flavored homophonic blessings", a bouquet of appreciable and edible "hairy crab bouquets" is ready.

  If you put it all together, the average price of a crab in the "hairy crab bouquet" ranges from 33 to 55 yuan.

If this price is compared horizontally with ordinary bouquets, in the flower shop, 19 roses are sold for about 150 yuan, which is one-fourth of the "hairy crab bouquet" of the same size.

If you compare it with the price of fresh food in supermarkets, on the 24th, the reporter saw from the same-city distribution e-commerce platform that a two-to-three-weight hairy crab was priced at about 16-20 yuan.

This means that the price of a single crab in the "Hairy Crab Bouquet" is about twice as expensive as in supermarkets.

  Although novel enough, there are few buyers.

The reporter searched on an e-commerce platform with "hairy crab bouquet" as a keyword. Among the florists that list the product, only one sells 1 order per month, and the remaining monthly sales are 0.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Peng Xiangping