Chinanews client, Beijing, November 25th (Reporter Zhang Xu) Recently, Tesla experienced a system downtime, hundreds of car owners could not enter the car, and even Tesla founder Elon Musk came out to apologize.

  In addition, on November 24, Tesla announced that it would increase the prices of Model Y and Model 3.

It is worth noting that Model 3 has already increased its price for the second time this month, close to 20,000 yuan.

  "Is this Tesla worth buying?" Many netizens asked.

According to the official website, Model 3 has increased in price twice this month.

Is the price increase of the new Model 3 worth it?

  On the 24th, Tesla’s official website showed that both Tesla Model Y and Model 3 rose by 4752 yuan.

You know, Tesla Model 3 just increased its price by 15,000 yuan last week. This is the second price increase this month.

  The new Model Y accelerates from 100 kilometers to 6.9 seconds from the previous 5.6 seconds, and its cruising range has changed from 525 kilometers to 545 kilometers.

  The changes of the new Tesla Model 3 are similar. Its acceleration performance has been reduced. The acceleration from 100 kilometers has been changed from 5.6 seconds to 6.1 seconds.

The cruising range marked on the official website has changed from the old NEDC with a cruising range of 468 kilometers to the new CLTC with a cruising range of 556 kilometers.

Tesla put the white car on the booth.

Reporter Zhang Xu

  What does the endurance test standard switch from NEDC to CLTC mean to consumers?

  According to industry insiders, the full name of NEDC is "New European Driving Cycle", which translates into Chinese as "New European Driving Cycle", with "New" in the name, but in fact this standard was introduced in the 1970s and 1980s. Can't adapt to the new environment.

  The CLTC was proposed in recent years based on the road conditions in China.

Compared with NEDC, a wider range of road condition information has been added: urban operating conditions, suburban operating conditions and high-speed operating conditions.

Moreover, CLTC's "care" for pure electric vehicles is better than before. Electric vehicles not only consume zero energy in parking conditions, but can also recover kinetic energy during driving. Therefore, CLTC will have a longer cruising range than NEDC.

  Some users questioned: CLTC seems to have longer battery life than NEDC, but is it also larger?

In this regard, Zhang Xiang, an automotive industry analyst, explained, “It still depends on the battery capacity. The battery of the new Model 3 has been increased from 55kWh to 60kWh, and the battery life has become longer.”

Tesla lacks cores, and some new cars do not have USB ports

  Industry insiders pointed out that Tesla's price increase is due to the increase in chip and battery costs.

  Zhang Xiang told "Currently, there is a shortage of chips in the industry. In order to ensure production capacity, Tesla has spent more money to buy chips, resulting in increased costs. In addition, Tesla uses cylindrical ternary lithium batteries. , The price of nickel and cobalt used to make the positive electrode of the battery has risen, causing the cost of the battery to rise."

  Chip supply is still in short supply, and many auto companies' delivery has been affected.

In July of this year, Audi stated that due to insufficient production capacity of remote control key chips, some domestic Audi models will only provide one remote control key and one mechanical key bit when they are delivered.

In order to save chips and maintain production capacity, BMW decided to temporarily cancel the touch screen function of some models.

Overseas users said that their new Tesla cars do not have USB ports.

  The "chip matching" approach also appeared on Tesla.

Recently, some overseas Tesla owners said that their new car does not have a USB interface and only reserved holes.

Tesla responded to this, saying that because of the shortage of chips and parts, it plans to continue to reinstall the USB interface from December.

  In terms of the supply chain, although Tesla has a greater say, it can't escape battery price increases.

  In October, many domestic power battery manufacturers, including BYD, issued price adjustment announcements.

BYD raised the unit price of C08 and other battery products. The product price including tax will be increased by no less than 20% based on the current Wh unit price. Starting from November 1, 2021, all new orders will be signed and new prices will be executed. , All unexecuted old contract orders will be closed and cancelled.

  BYD said that the price adjustment is mainly due to market changes and the increase in the price of raw materials caused by power and production restrictions. The price of cathode material LiCoO2 (lithium cobalt oxide) has increased by more than 200%, the price of electrolyte has increased by more than 150%, and the supply of negative electrode materials has continued to be tight. Leading to a substantial increase in overall costs.

  However, the impact on Tesla was not as great as imagined, and the battery capacity of the new Model 3 has also been expanded against the trend.

  Zhang Xiang explained: "If the domestic Tesla uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, the price increase of battery raw materials will be less affected. Because lithium iron phosphate batteries are cobalt-free batteries, the proportion of cobalt in battery materials is The highest, the price increase is also the largest."

On September 3, Beijing, in the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair National Convention Center Pavilion, spectators experience riding at the Tesla booth.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Jia Tianyong

Tesla has risen, can other car companies follow?

  Although Tesla has increased its prices, it is unlikely that other car companies will increase their prices.

  Zhang Xiang believes that the current price increase in the auto industry is unique to Tesla, and other car companies dare not increase prices, which will reduce the competitiveness of their products.

  Although there are not many price increases, there are a lot of them in disguised form.

The reporter combed and found that the more popular Changan Benben E-Star has achieved price increases by discontinuing production of cheaper models and launching more expensive models.

GAC E'an Y also increased the price by several thousand yuan when the new model was launched.

  "The general rule of the Chinese auto industry is that if the cost rises, it will reduce the cost by reducing the discounts for new car sales. For example, if you buy a car and get a decoration, the cost will not be sent. There will also be a disguised price increase, requiring car owners to increase the price and raise the car. And so on. The phenomenon of raising cars at high prices is more common in luxury cars. But only Tesla dares to raise prices on the official website, and price increases by other car companies will generally be attributed to market fluctuations." Zhang Xiang said.



, hundreds of car owners were locked out of the car

  At the same time as the price increase, Tesla also has some troubles.

Last Friday (November 19), Tesla’s mobile app suddenly went down, causing many car owners to be unable to connect to their cars via their mobile phones.

Musk then publicly apologized and said that the problem has been resolved and the App has been relaunched.

  A Tesla Model 3 owner from Seoul, South Korea said on social media that he encountered a "500 server error" when using the mobile app, which prevented him from connecting to the vehicle.

Then Musk replied to the owner's tweet, he said: "The App should be restored now."

Musk responded to the downtime.

  According to foreign media reports, due to the inability to connect to the Internet, many car owners were locked out of the car and could not start the car for up to 5 hours.

According to statistics, a total of about 500 users reported the error message of the mobile APP at about 16:40 Eastern Time on the 19th.

After 5 hours, the number of error reports dropped to 60.

  On the same day, Musk apologized to all Tesla users and said that the company will take measures to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

  In fact, this is not the first time that a similar failure of Tesla has occurred.

As early as September 2019, many American Tesla owners reported that the Tesla mobile client suddenly experienced a large-scale downtime, and the failure lasted more than 4 hours.

  In May 2020, many domestic Tesla owners posted on Weibo that the Tesla APP was down, the door could not be opened, and the central control screen and instrument panel in the car were all in a black screen state.

  This incident also reminds car owners that although the phone is easy and fast to unlock, they still have to carry the NFC car key with them, so as not to encounter similar difficulties again.