In order to implement the national big data strategy, accelerate the cultivation of the data element market, promote data circulation transactions, and help the digital transformation of cities, on November 25, the inauguration ceremony of the Shanghai Data Exchange was held in Shanghai and some of the first transactions were reached.

  The establishment of the Shanghai Data Exchange is a vivid practice in the implementation of the central document "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting the Pudong New Area's High-Level Reform and Opening-up and Building a Leading Area for Socialist Modernization". It promotes the circulation of data elements, releases digital dividends, and promotes An important measure for the development of the digital economy is to comprehensively promote the digital transformation of Shanghai's city and build an "international digital capital". It is also expected to become the "Shanghai model" leading the development of the national data element market.

 The five major national firsts to crack the "five difficult" problems of data transactions

  The establishment of the Shanghai Data Exchange focused on key common problems such as difficulty in determining rights, difficulty in pricing, difficulty in mutual trust, difficulty in entry, and difficulty in supervision, and formed a series of innovative arrangements.

  The first is the nation’s first digital quotient system, a new form of "digital quotient" is newly constructed, covering data transaction entities, data compliance consulting, quality assessment, asset evaluation, delivery and other fields, cultivating and regulating new entities, and building a more prosperous circulation transaction Ecology.

The second is the nation’s first data transaction supporting system, which is the first to provide a series of system specifications for the entire process of data transactions, covering various methods, specifications, guidelines and standards from data exchanges, data transaction entities to data transaction ecosystems, and establishes the "no The basic principle of "no listing in compliance, no trading without scenes" makes data circulation and transactions have rules to follow and rules to follow.

The third is to launch the nation’s first fully digital data transaction system and launch a new generation of intelligent data transaction systems to ensure full-time listing of data transactions, global transactions, and full traceability.

Fourth, the nation’s first data product registration voucher was issued. For the first time, the data product registration voucher and data transaction voucher were issued to realize one number and one code, which can be registered, counted, and surveyed.

Fifth, the nation’s first data product manuals are issued to make data readable in the form of data product manuals, turning abstract data into concrete products.

 The first data transaction of the first batch of data products listed

  On the day when the Shanghai Data Exchange was established, it accepted and completed listings of about 100 data products, involving eight categories of finance, transportation, and communications, and reached some of the first transactions, including the "Corporate Electricity Smart Drawing", which was concluded between the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Shanghai Electric Power. "Data products and civilian chart service products, etc.

Among them, the data products of "Enterprise Electricity Smart Mapping" will take advantage of the wide coverage, strong real-time and high accuracy of electric power big data, and help commercial banks innovate financial products and services for enterprises based on energy data.

(CCTV reporter Wu Qiong, Bai Tingjun, and Pang Qingshan)