China News Service, Guangzhou, November 24 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) In recent years, Guangzhou has effectively responded to the difficulties and challenges of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, grasping the new trends and new trends of tourism development such as mass tourism, holiday economy, night economy, and smart tourism. With new opportunities, we will vigorously promote the integrated development of cultural tourism, deepen the supply-side structural reform of the tourism industry, focus on extending the tourism consumption chain, and help Guangzhou build an international consumption center city.

  "2021 is the first year of the '14th Five-Year Plan' period. Although the cultural tourism industry is facing some new difficulties and challenges, the overall tourism industry in Guangzhou has maintained a steady and orderly development, and the quality of tourism services has been continuously optimized and improved." Guangzhou City The relevant person in charge of the Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau said in an interview on the 24th.

Guangzhou Grandview Plaza, courtesy of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau

  According to reports, in August this year, Xihe Village, Suburb Street, Conghua District, Guangzhou City was selected as the third batch of national key rural tourism villages; in November, Beijing Road and Grandview Plaza in Guangzhou City were selected as the first batch of national-level villages announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. List of night cultural and tourism consumption clusters; recently, Guangzhou Changlong Tourism Resort was selected as the pilot national tourism technology demonstration park announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, becoming the only one of the seven national tourism technology demonstration park pilots in Guangdong.

  In recent years, Guangzhou has promoted the creation of a global tourism demonstration zone and supported Panyu District to successfully create the first batch of national global tourism demonstration zones. The 5 districts of Conghua, Zengcheng, Yuexiu, Haizhu and Tianhe have successfully established Guangdong provincial-level tourism demonstration zones, and the tourism consumption environment has been sustained. Improve and upgrade; Guangzhou added Lianma Village, Nanping Village, Xihe Village in Conghua District, and Daling Village in Panyu District, 4 national key rural villages, and launched a number of rural boutique tourism routes combined with ecotourism and self-driving tours to help rural revitalization develop.

Canton Tower Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau

  At the same time, Guangzhou strives to create a nighttime economic highlight, supports the delayed opening of cultural expo venues at night, and promotes the construction of a demonstration area for the integration of cultural and tourism in Guangzhou with the Guangzhou Tower as the core. The Yongqingfang tourist area in Xiguan has successfully created a provincial-level tourism and leisure district to create a rich diversity. New consumption scene of "Night Guangzhou".

  In terms of promoting the agglomeration and quality development of the tourism industry, Guangzhou initiated the Canton Tower tourist area to declare the creation of a national 5A-level tourist attraction, further integrate the cultural and tourism resources of the area, and strive to expand the popularity and influence of the Guangzhou Tower and the Pearl River Tour tourism brands. We plan to organize a series of "Lingnan Window" intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, and launch "Cantonese Rhyme Canton Tower-Famous Weekend Stage" to benefit the people, enhance the development vitality of cultural tourism in the area, and cultivate world-class tourist clusters and destinations; enhance tourism Develop the level of technology and intelligence, and support the main enterprises of the tourism chain to accelerate the research and development and application of tourism technology.

  In addition, since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou has continued to host a series of “Welcome to Guangzhou” activities, carried out holiday cultural tourism promotion with the theme of “Guangzhou New Year, See Flowers in the Flower City”, etc., held Guangzhou Cultural Tourism Lecture Hall, and launched Guangzhou tourism image IP; promote cultural tourism Industrial product value transformation, support and guide cultural and tourism enterprises to independently develop cultural and creative product incubation research and development; continue to incubate new forms of cultural tourism, and support the development of self-driving caravan camps such as North Latitude 23°8′ Forest Camp and Huadu Beiji Camping No.1.