China News Service, Beijing, November 24 (Reporter Xia Bin) People often say: Aesthetic food and love cannot be disappointed, and authentic and delicious cuisine will always bring people a sense of physical and mental satisfaction and happiness.

In recent years, many food documentaries have sprung up and swept the country, and mouth-watering food shows have gradually become treasures that care for the taste buds of the audience and heal people's hearts.

  On the 24th, the original food documentary "The Secret of Cooking" was launched simultaneously on Tencent Video, iQiyi and Youku.

The program focuses on Asian cuisine with unique oriental characteristics in China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. It will not only introduce the characteristics of the cuisine and cooking skills to the audience, but also decompose the historical sources of ingredients and cooking equipment, and listen to the chefs. Our stories lead everyone to feel the sincerity and charm behind each dish.

  The chef's ingenuity, inheritance and persistence of food can be shown in "Secrets of Cooking".

The eldest brother Zhu Jianhua, who is in charge of the "Yile Roast Goose" main store, gave up the store he had run for many years and insisted on helping his younger brother Zhu Jianhui manage the roast goose shop. .

  Lin Rongkang, the owner of "Tasty Claypot Dish", said that the chef's care is the key to making delicious claypot rice, and every step should not be taken casually.

This dedication and enthusiasm for cooking is also an important reason for them to have a place in the fierce market competition.

  It is reported that, compared with other food documentaries, "Secrets of Cooking" highlights the diverse charms of Eastern cuisine through in-depth exploration of the special cuisines of different Asian countries. It not only explores the key "magic weapons" in the food production process, but also integrates popular science. With humanistic feelings, the ingredients, cooking equipment, cooking history, and the chef stories behind each dish are taken out of the cocoon, showing the true secret of the delicious food and the sincere meaning contained in it.