All six hundred customers who were without an energy supplier after the bankruptcy of Allure Energie will be taken over by HEM.

The supplier and the receiver reached an agreement on this on Thursday.

Due to current energy prices, customers will pay more.

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"The prices for the energy contract follow the current state of the market and are therefore probably higher than the contract to date," said energy supplier HEM, which will take over the six hundred customers of Allure Energie on 29 November.

This group is bound by a first contract with a statutory notice period of a maximum of thirty days.

In that first month, the new customers pay 1.77536 euros per cubic meter of gas, while 0.46991 euros are charged for electricity per kWh (normal).

0.41924 applies to the single rate and 0.36834 euros for the off-peak rate.

After that, the new customers can look further or stay with HEM.

That company says it will come up with an offer for the new members from the beginning of December in the form of a six-month contract.

Allure Energie was the third energy supplier to collapse in a short time.

Unlike at Welkom Energie and Enstroga, the increased energy prices were not the reason for the bankruptcy, but a legal battle between shareholders meant that it was no longer possible to reliably supply electricity and gas.

HEM was founded in 2019 and currently has about four thousand customers.