, Lanzhou, November 24 (Li Qian and Huang Guibin) On July 9, 2017, the Baoji-Lanzhou high-speed railway was officially opened for operation, marking the first time China's northwestern region has integrated into the national high-speed railway network.

After the line was opened, the travel time between the northwestern region and the central and eastern regions was greatly reduced, which greatly facilitated residents' travel.

  In order to make travel more convenient for passengers, starting from November 25, 2021, China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. will implement 20 designated rides on high-speed trains from Lanzhou to Xi’an within a 90-day validity period. "High-speed rail ticket counting" service for arrival stations and designated seats.

Passengers who have applied for the "high-speed rail ticket counting" service do not need to purchase tickets in advance for the EMU train between Lanzhou West and Xi'an North. They can directly swipe their ID card (or scan the QR code) to check in and board the train.

  It is understood that this product implements discount sales on the basis of the original fare (see the 12306 website or APP for specific fares), which is more favorable and convenient. It is the first time to implement inter-provincial high-speed rail ticket counting in Northwest my country, which will further enrich the travel of passengers. Ways to enhance the passenger’s ride experience.

  "Tickets" refer to tickets that can be used for a limited number of times on the specified trains between the designated stations within the validity period. The product can be purchased through the 12306 website or the "Railway 12306" mobile phone client.

After purchasing the product, passengers can use seat reservation or directly swipe the card to enter the station and board the bus.

When using seats to reserve a ride, passengers can make reservations in advance on the 12306 website, the "Railway 12306" mobile client, and the self-service ticket vending machine for the station and the seat corresponding to the product.

After the reservation is made, the passenger will enter the station to check the ticket and board the bus with the original valid ID used when purchasing the product.

The picture shows passengers traveling at Lanzhou West Railway Station.

(Data map) Zhang Boxing photo

  When using the direct swipe card to board the train, when there are remaining seats on the train, the passenger can hold the original valid ID card used when purchasing the product, and directly swipe the ID card to check the ticket. The system will automatically allocate seats and the seat information will be Push to the reserved mobile phone number of the passenger via SMS.

  The time-counting ticket launched this time is applicable to stations within the Lanzhou West to Xi’an North High-speed Railway Line, as a fixed combination of departure or arrival stations. The stations include Lanzhou West, Yuzhong, Dingxibei, Tongwei, Qin'an, Tianshui South, Dongcha, Baoji South, Qishan, Yangling South, Xianyang West, Xi'an North.

  Special reminder is that passengers who use the product to check in for the first time during the activation period are deemed to be the product activation, and the activation date is the starting date of the product validity period.

After the product is launched, the passenger must use the product to ride in the vehicle within 90 days. If the number of unused times exceeds the validity period of the product, the product will become invalid by itself.

If a passenger needs a reimbursement voucher, within 30 days (including the day) after the product's expiration date from the start of the product to the end of the product validity period, the original valid ID of the passenger used when purchasing the product can be exchanged for the reimbursement voucher at the designated station of the product .