Rapid promotion of typical application scenarios-

  "5G+Industrial Internet"


thousands of industries

  "5G+Industrial Internet" is accelerating the empowerment of thousands of industries.

At the 2021 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference held a few days ago, Han Xia, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that with the goal of empowering the real economy, “5G+ Industrial Internet” has been integrated into thousands of industries, and typical application scenarios have been in mining, power, steel, etc. 22 In-depth application and rapid promotion of key industries in the national economy, "5G + Industrial Internet" has continued to play an important role in supporting the real economy to reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and green development.

  Focusing on the next step of development, Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that it is necessary to speed up the construction of 5G base stations and the large-scale development of industry virtual private networks, and enhance the public service functions of the industrial Internet logo analysis system.

At the same time, focus on activating the potential of data, accelerate the development of basic common standards such as industrial data interaction, explore the construction of data trading platforms, and improve the level of data management and development and utilization.

  The empowerment foundation is more solid

  In the control center of the steelmaking plant of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the large-scale display screen reflects the real-time situation of the slagging operation of the manipulator according to the automatically planned path.

Ao Aiguo, general manager of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., introduced to reporters that the slag removal operation is a dangerous repetitive operation. In order to reduce unnecessary losses, the company uses the "5G+Industrial Internet" technology to transform and upgrade the equipment, and promote the realization of "one-click removal." "Slag" can reduce the cost of the factory by more than 10 million yuan every year.

  In the optical cable production workshop of YOFC, industrial robots sort optical fiber distribution trays of different specifications in an orderly manner, quickly and accurately.

Zhuang Dan, executive director and president of YOFC, introduced that the implementation of the "5G+Optical Cloud Industrial Internet" platform has enabled YOFC to increase the timely delivery rate of orders by more than 20%.

  To promote integrated development, infrastructure must go first.

"As of the end of October this year, Hubei has built a total of 47,600 5G macro base stations, and the number of 5G macro base stations per 10,000 people has reached 8.3. Last year, 27,600 5G macro base stations were newly built, exceeding the total construction of the previous three years." Said Lu Xiaohua, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology.

  According to Zhang Quan, deputy general manager of China Tower, since the commercialization of 5G, China Tower has built more than 1.15 million 5G base stations, 97% of which have been shared, and the number of 5G base stations accounts for more than 70% of the world, which strongly supports my country's 5G network with the widest global coverage. , Information consumption has the fastest growth, and the digital economy has developed the most active.

  The empowerment foundation of "5G+Industrial Internet" is becoming more and more solid.

Han Xia said that at present, the three major functional systems of industrial Internet network, platform, and security are beginning to take shape. There are more than 1.29 million 5G base stations, especially difficult technologies such as large-scale transmission and high-precision positioning that meet the needs of industrial production. Key products such as modules and gateways have been launched one after another, and their prices have dropped significantly.

  According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at present, the integration of my country's industrial Internet network, platform, security, data, and system is advancing, and the industrial Internet logo analysis of the top nodes and 158 secondary nodes in the five major countries are operating stably, and the number of logo registrations is nearly 60 billion.

  Converged applications are getting deeper

  On November 21, the 2021 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference announced 58 typical application cases, including smart factories, smart logistics, smart cities, smart security and other fields.

For example, the Tianjin Provincial Industrial Internet Security Situational Awareness Platform Project is an application case in the field of smart security. Relying on 360's digital security capability framework, through the "national-provincial-enterprise" three-level architecture, the industrial Internet of "national chess" is formed. The security monitoring system of real-time monitoring, dynamic perception, and rapid warning of security risks can effectively enhance the security assurance capabilities of my country's industrial Internet innovation and development.

  According to Wang Peng, deputy director of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, “5G+Industrial Internet” has taken the lead in forming remote equipment control, machine vision self-inspection, and unmanned operations in 10 key industries, including mining, steel, electric power, electronic equipment manufacturing, and equipment manufacturing. In typical application scenarios such as smart inspections, benchmarking demonstrations have become increasingly prominent.

  According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are more than 1,800 "5G+Industrial Internet" projects under construction across the country, covering 22 key industries, promoting platform-based design, intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension, digital management and other typical applications The model extends to more key industries.

  "The ultimate goal of the integration of 5G and the Industrial Internet is to show the application value." Chen Dongfeng, CEO of Inspur Group, said that the requirements of the Industrial Internet for the network are different from individual users. The most prominent of which is the pursuit of "certainty" and the need for " The new type of network capability that says it will do it, and the transformation of network access is the first priority.

For example, Inspur uses the integration and innovation of 5G+ multi-standard access technology to create a multi-standard network with comprehensive capabilities, integrated architecture, and intelligent operation and maintenance for Dongfeng Motor, which flexibly supports Dongfeng Motor's diverse and ubiquitous full-connection needs.

  The empowerment path of "5G+Industrial Internet" is becoming increasingly clear.

"Basic telecommunications companies, industrial companies, communication equipment companies, and software companies have in-depth cooperation to form a diversified business operation model. The team competition is more mature, and various regions focus on key and characteristic industries, and hold multiple industry conferences to serve local industry upgrades. The pattern of regional coordinated development is clearer." Han Xia said.

  Broad space for complementary advantages

  "5G+Industrial Internet" has become an important driving force that empowers the transformation and upgrading of digital, networked, and intelligent industries in all walks of life, and the complementary advantages of the two are rapidly emerging.

The "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Information and Communication Industry Development" recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposes to continue to deepen the integration and innovation of "5G + Industrial Internet" and accelerate the promotion of typical application scenarios.

  At present, my country still has a large number of traditional industrial enterprises in the stage of digitalization, networking, and intelligent transformation. Industrial Internet will open up a broader space for 5G applications.

Xiao Yaqing said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the development of "5G + Industrial Internet" by accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, expanding integrated application scenarios, strengthening key technology research, and deepening open sharing.

  "5G and industrial Internet are important supports for promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and fostering the development of advanced manufacturing. We will expand integrated application scenarios, adhere to the direction of intelligent manufacturing, and comprehensively promote the industrialization and scale of digital technologies such as 5G and industrial Internet. Chemical application." Xiao Yaqing said.

  Yu Xiaohui, president of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, believes that in order to accelerate the release of the potential of "5G + Industrial Internet", three major problems need to be solved. One is to solve the problem of high prices of 5G industrial chip modules and eliminate industrial bottlenecks; The problem of terminal scarcity is to continuously enrich 5G general-purpose terminals and industry terminals; the third is to further optimize the "5G+Industrial Internet" industry public service platform.

  Huawei’s rotating chairman Hu Houkun proposed that to promote the integrated development of “5G+Industrial Internet”, data-driven is the key. It is necessary to achieve data acquisition, fast calculation, good use, connect more devices, lower artificial intelligence thresholds, and develop industrial software. It is the key investment field at this stage.

  "Under the rapid development of the Industrial Internet, industrial enterprises are accelerating their intelligent upgrades. The Industrial Internet uses data to combine traditional production factors to realize resource sharing, optimize resource allocation, and promote industrial enterprises to accelerate intelligent upgrades. This also brings challenges. It is necessary to establish endogenous safety, guarantee operational safety, and ensure the safe development of the industrial Internet." said Wu Yunkun, president of Qi Anxin Group.

  Han Xia said that it is necessary to promote the integration of "5G + Industrial Internet" into more industries and fields, enhance the development capabilities of industrial chain enterprises, and improve the efficiency of industrial chain collaboration and the level of supply chain integration.

At the same time, improve service capabilities, support leading companies to take the lead in integrating the industrial chain, export more mature solutions and advanced experience for SMEs to learn from, focus on cultivating a group of industry application public service platforms and solution providers, and reduce SMEs’ ​​development of "5G+ industrial The threshold for Internet integration and innovation.

Huang Xin Dong Qingsen