Kirin Holdings, a major beer company, dismisses the allegation that a military-related company seeking to terminate the alliance has filed a liquidation of the joint venture with the court over the Myanmar business, saying that it is "unjustified in ignoring the contract" Clarified the policy to ask.

Regarding the Myanmar business, Kirin operates a local beer company as a joint venture with "Myanmar Economic Holdings", a major conglomerate that manages pensions for military personnel.

However, following a coup d'etat by the Myanmar Army in February, we have been negotiating to dissolve the alliance.

Under these circumstances, it was found that "Myanmar Economic Holdings" had filed a liquidation of the joint venture with a local court on the 19th of this month, and Kirin announced its opinion on the 24th.

According to it, "Although we have made efforts to dissolve the alliance, the joint venture company has shown a willingness to refuse the proposal because it is uncooperative in the negotiations. In such a situation, the liquidation petition is unjustified in the form of ignoring the contract. It is regrettable that it was done in. "

After that, he clarified the policy of requesting the local court to dismiss the complaint, saying, "If the complaint is approved, there is a doubt that the liquidation procedure will be carried out fairly and properly."