Ahead of winter, there are more houses this year that want to make kimchi than last year. Even though the price of ingredients for kimchi, including cabbage, has risen a lot, the number of people looking for it is increasing.

Correspondent Han Sang-woo.


The kimchi ingredients section of a large mart that sells cabbage and radishes is constantly visited by people.

[(Because of making kimchi) I give my son, my daughter, my son's friend, and I eat too.]

Ahead of this year's kimchi season, cabbage prices are rising due to poor production of cabbage, so people flock to discount events for kimchi ingredients from dawn.

In the middle of this month, the sales of cabbage at large marts increased by up to 1.6 times compared to the same period last year.

Kimchi ingredients such as radishes and green onions also sold 30-50% more.

[Kim Geun-hee / Gangseo-gu, Seoul: It costs more to buy and eat. It's better to eat... .]

On the other hand, packaged kimchi sales fell nearly 10%.

[Packaged kimchi sales staff: (packaging) came out even going to our Kimchi, downed brought mostly have small geolro]

usually Lotta sometimes baechutgap is expensive when selecting the packaged kimchi year is supposed to be an exception,

the retail industry gradually recovered daily I think this has had an impact.

Unlike last year, the number of households who want to make kimchi as many people as possible has increased.

However, the cost of kimchi, which is as expensive as the rising cost of ingredients in all directions, is burdensome.

[Kyungok Lim/Gangseo-gu, Seoul: I haven’t compared anything else, but I think the price of cabbage has risen a lot.]

Based on a family of four, the cost of making kimchi for a traditional market is


won and a large mart is


won, 5 from last year. It went up ~8%.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)  

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